117 [$MARK potential MILLION dollar trade on the hook! May 11, 2020]

  • ETH pulled back a little bit to rising support ok, bc I saw BTC had a bit of a tank yday. I’m holding this ETHE etf prob gonna pull back to mid 90s.
  • GLD is still below the 20day, but I think it’s just building a bullish flag here, and unless it breaks down I’m gonna hold NUGT. There’s a lot of gold stocks setting up nice bull flags, but NUGT is my go to. Stopped out NUGT, I’m not gonna trade the gold theme anymore, I hate gold. I always lose on gold related stuff, except for once I bought NUGT on this breakout from the lows [jun2019] , then it went up like 170% in a few months. That’s pretty much the only time I made money on the long side. I’m not really much of a gold bug, some people are just crazy about gold. I mean if you believe in inflation, I’d rather own real estate. Something that protects you from inflation but also generates cash flow. Gold just sits there.
  • OKTA looks great, I’ve sold about half or so, bc it’s had a nice move, it had one move off the lows [45%] went sideways, had another leg higher [75% total] went sideways had another leg higher [95% total]. So this is the third leg higher in a short amount of time, I’m being very aggressive in selling it, I just don’t think it’s gonna keep going straight up. I think it’s gonna go to 200 but it probably needs to retest the rising 20day. So I’m selling pretty aggressively.
  • EXEL is building a flag, I just randomly bought this thing when it reported data. Gapped up over a long base, had some big vol out of the gate, and the risk was very low. I bought it 23.16 orhs, my risk was like 22.50s (75c or so), and maybe this week or next week we may get another buy setup.
  • CHGG, really like it, took out a long long base. Looks exactly like TDOC did when it gapped up took out a long base [oct2019] or DXCM another one [nov2019] we bought on stream, gapped up to the 180s, I think I sold it 220s, now it’s at 405. I’m not gonna make the same mistake on some of these other ones like FSLY, I’m not gonna sell too heavily into strength, I’m just gonna trail them.
  • TDOC bought a starter, this thing is just relentless, absolutely relentless. TDOC vol is pretty good, considering this candle is only 20mins so far, I’m adding. Momo market these kind of charts work really well.
  • AMD ok bought 20k shares (late entry due to no alert). Thank god I saw someone mentioning it on twitter.
  • CODX good add spot. Already have lots of long exposure so not gonna add. Selling 3% CODX into breakout, moving stop to b/e.
  • RCL keeps getting rejected on the declining 50day, and it’s in a big big bear flag. Think may be a shorting opp in this thing later this week. All the cruiselines pretty much, if they setup, rn they are not completely there yet. Airlines too, I think these things may be a short if they keeping building lhs, later this week. Like if you look at DAL, just in this big bearish pennant, if this thing resolves to the downside, could go to 15 or something, same with BA, just lhs, it cant rally.
  • NBR looks intriguing, reminds me a little of CHK, looks like it wan’t to double. Just bought a bunch, there’s no resistance until mid 20s, has been relentlessly building hls since the reverse split. Looks great on the daily and 60min. Pretty much risking 60/70c to potentially make 10bucks, i’ll take that r/r.
  • MARK, bought another 100k shares 1.17, I’m gonna use 1.11 as the stop for those adds. I have 440k shares, may add more if it sets up well, but it better start moving, I want to see big candles. It’s just been grinding so far, I wanna see like a 50c candle, or where it’s up like 50% in a day. Biggy Biggy Biggy candles, what I want to see. There is an add spot developing here 1.24 later potentially, I would like to add one more time, it is setting up nicely, but only if it does it mid/late day. Gonna sell some from my adds on this little pop here.
  • I prefer mid/late day breakouts, Bc there would be a tighter range to play against, I just prefer later day breakouts, especially on heavy volume, bc they tend to have better follow through, especially on these types of pump stocks. Bc if you get a b/o midday there’s a bigger chance of that failing generally. I think late day buyers are a better indicator, late day buyers are there to hold, not to trade, generally.
  • Since I’m not a daytrader, I’m a swing and position trader, 95% of the time I use lods as my stop. Or lod ish. But sometimes I have several stops.
  • CAPR broke again, for smaller accounts this was a good setup in the mid 7s. Could go back to 10/12 bucks.
  • MYOK, the volume is pretty nice, couldn’t break orls, it’s in a very tight range, I kinda like the r/r either side, 102 upside 98 downside, whats the risk $4 and you could get a $20/30 move either way. It had a big move back in 2017, almost tripled in like a month, you know what it may be a buy. If it can build a bit more of a range, I may be interested in it.


  • Oh wow look at this. It’s an infinity loop, look at this! Exactly I’m gonna break the matrix, I probably shouldn’t be looking at my own stream, on the stream. Lesson learned. It’s kinda nice, I try to learn something new every day, and this was it. Now I don’t have to learn something new the rest of the day. Like if I can learn something new everyday I’m good. Then I can chill the rest of the day, and I just reached that point.
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