114 [Earnings season opportunities! May 6, 2020]

  • APT reported earnings, actually had some impressive eps and rev numbers compared to LAKE, probably all priced in but hey. This thing has pretty much had zero rev and eps growth over the past two years, they’ve made 39c this quarter, that’s more than they’ve made the whole of 2019. Maybe I’ll trade it, the chart looks very good too, has a range here at 13.80ish. Looks great on the 60min and daily. Bought starter then more hods.
  • AXNX, insane rev growth, 200k, 500k, 1.1M, 1.5M, 1.3M, 10M, 26M, are you kidding me? That’s just some insane rev growth. Idk tempted to buy some just for fun, incase it can double or something, but this is not a stock I can do any significant size in at all [500kavgvol].
  • MELI I’m gonna buy just like I did CHGG, gonna watch for those orhs, MELI has moved really nice previously, early last year, this thing gapped up over a long range, went up 65% in 6 months. Bought a starter, is trading v thin. Willing to add more potentially later. Bought more, pretty much a 50k risk on this. F*ck stopped out, I had almost 1/3 of my funds in. If it reclaims vwap and holds, I’m gonna have to buy it back, I just really like it.
  • MVIS, held through the dip, I did sell some yesterday when it took out the 1.50 area, when it had been below vwap for a few hours, very vulnerable, sold some [2/5ths], I think this can go higher on event tomos.
  • DKNG is a beast, I guess it was a buy a few days ago when it perked up over this 19.90 area.
  • W has a range here in the 162 area, if it loses that late day, could have another 10 dollar flush easily. I think this thing has a lot of downside once it breaks down. It’s still showing kinda strength, I hope it can build lhs throughout the day. Maybe through today’s lows could be a big failure.
  • Tempted to short maybe one of the cruiselines, I’m already short NCLH, RCL is weakest. It’s already been rejected off the 20day today, ok I’m gonna short it if it takes out yesterday’s lows.
  • RCL ok gonna get stopped out, in hindsight wasn’t a great short setup, it was already down like 25% in a few days. I chased the candle intraday, should have waited for a better setup. That’s fine, that’s what it’s all about; big winners, small losses, big winners, small losses. I lost about 80c, and if it had worked, stock would have gone on 5 bucks or more 10/15. Yeah that’s the secret, you take small/mid sized losses and then you have, hopefully, some huge winners along the way. The problem is when you get in a period where you take a lot of small/mid sized losses and you don’t have any big winners to pay for them, that sucks, but it happens every now and then, when you’re a swing and position trader. That’s why I really don’t recommend swing and position trading to new traders, I think day trading is better in a way, bc you can be more consistent; you could have losing days or weeks but should probably never have a losing month, since the amount of trades you’re doing as a daytrader. That’s what makes it easier for new traders mentally, it’s easier to handle. May not be easy to handle long periods of nothing.


  • STOCKSHOLM, it’s a startup I’m involved in, it’s an algorithm we created, that helps people beat the market.
  • There’s really two worlds out there right now.
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