107 [30-50% moves coming in select names!! Apr 24, 2020]

  • APT bought yesterday, they had a PR and I anticipated the range break a little bit. Looks like it’s breaking out now. Slammed back into range, is acting like a turd. Found buyers and acting better, broken out of range again.
  • INO yesterday, added midday and covered most late day. Probably going to give an opp today also. Added on open, gap up and big reversal candle here. Added more, stop to hod is tight; 30c stop to potentially make 3 dollars downside, why not? INO right at vwap, keeps getting rejected but not going away, so kinda hard to get a good read on it rn. Stopped out all hods.
  • SPR is about to breakdown, this is like the mother of all bear flags. Look at this on the 60min chart. Looks like it’s about to die. Shorted some.
  • DAL short some orls. DAL also, looks so bad (good), just look at the 60min chart, has been building lhs forever now.
  • SHOP covered most yesterday when it couldn’t break down below the rising 20ma on the 60min chart. But if it goes red, orls, takes out yesterday’s lows, will add back a bunch. Air pocket down to low 560s if breaks lods later, so far holding 60min 20ma and higher low compared to yest. Stopping out of all if it takes out hods, unfortunately didn’t pullback as much as I’d hoped for. It’s a sign of strength, that’s a good thing, I hope this thing sets up like a htf.
  • So I have some shorts and some longs rn, gonna let the market dictate which ones I’m gonna hold, and which ones I’m gonna get rid of. And which ones I’m gonna add to.
  • Just a technical, momo bounce trade. These things happen over and over again. Some people can’t understand “but ze company’s about to go bankruppt, they’re laying off all their people, why should the stock go up”. Sometimes, stock prices, don’t reflect the reality of what’s going on in the world. As a trader, you just have to accept that.
  • TLRY bought a starter, looks like it’s about to come out of range. I want to see some big volume on it, big big big volume. Probably going to add, if we get some volume, need some real sustained buying.
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