108 [Beaten down names 50-100% upside! Apr 27, 2020]

  • How can you be stuck? Just stop yourself out, there’s no such thing as stuck in a trade. Unless it’s halted.
  • FCEL becoming a nice little trade here, up 30% on it, actually going to sell some here premarket + raise stop a little. One more time, big momo stock over past 6 months or so, hls last 2 months, long rangebreak mid 1.70s. Up 40% since. It doesn’t get better than this. Super textbook.
  • TLRY gapping up slightly, locking in a tiny piece more here premarket. Selling some more into pop. Homerun trade so far. Selling more and more into strength [5% every 50c]. Stop now above b/e. I would say $10 target, highs from like a month ago.
  • INO looking for some weakness to start in. First candle is red, gonna take a small starter orls. Stopped out then accidentally stopped in orls again. Stop above recent high. Let’s see if this INO can fail at the vwap one more time and build another lh, that would be something I would maybe add to. Would love to double or triple my size but not yet. Covered some small into flush. Ok INO testing vwap, gonna wait for this candle to finalise, really hope it pushes above vwap. Added up to half size now.
  • W is gonna be a huge short, I think this thing is gonna pull back 30/40% potentially. Almost up 500%. But I’m gonna wait for some backside, not even going to look at the 5min chart for this, just going to trade this off the 60min chart. I need to see a red 60min candle, or see a break of a previously 60min candle, no matter the colour of the previous candle.
  • Bought some PLUG and BLDP on gap up breakout. In all 3 fuel cell stocks, not very liquid so bought all.
  • The declining volume is a good thing. Markets go up on lower volume more than they go down. Lower volume is bullish. This whole bull market for the past ten years has been mostly on low volume. That’s just normal.
  • The big money is in homeruns, there’s no money in scalping. It’s in catching the big moves with size, that’s where the big money is. But they come very infrequent, so for a smaller trader it is kinda better to lock in some profits pretty quick.
  • Yeah I use margin, nothing crazy but if you use margin the right way, it can really boost your returns. If you use margin correctly, it can really do some nice things for your accounts. You don’t go margin day1, you don’t go from 0 positions to margin right away. It takes many weeks even months for me to build a portfolio where I’m on margin, it takes time.
  • Low volatility, bullish grinds are the best, that’s where most of my money is made. You can have a lot of positions, you can use margin. Things are just working, and they keep going and going. Of course you can have pullbacks along the way, but they tend to be shallow. Oct-Jan2019 that was great, early/mid2019 was great, Nov2016 to Jan2018 was just insane, so many opps.
  • There’s no money in speculating, I’m just trying to follow my setups. Things are going higher right now, that’s all you need to know. Just follow where the money is.
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