106 [A market of bull and bear flags everywhere! Apr 23, 2020]

  • FCEL bought some late day yesterday, looks really good. Not as strong as BLDP and PLUG but coming out of a big flag on weekly, hls for 2 months. No resistance until 3 bucks. Risking 10c to make potentially $1.50 or more.
  • SHOP not really gapping up with the market. Did show rw yesterday. QQQs took out hod then rallied to eod, SHOP barely took out highs late day then fell back. Feels weak. Potential pivot 625 area.
  • CHK think it goes to 26+, just a technical trade. CHK, this thing was down 42 to 12 bucks in like a week, and yes this thing is down from like 200 since Dec/Jan. It’s extremely beaten down, I just saw a good r/r. After this reverse split, they gapped down 30% and kept selling, I just thought, if it reclaims this declining 20ema on the 60min, could get some momo. My entry in the mid 15s, I saw a good r/r, risk a dollar to make 10-20. Exactly the same as my TLRY trade a month ago. Once it reclaimed the declining 20ema, I bought it the highs of that candle in the 3.30s, went up 200% in a week or two.
  • All of these bankrupt oil companies are rallying, WLL, OAS, quadruple/double, just a technical trade. This is where momo is. Bankrupt companies are ones that can make the biggest rallies. Yes they’re going to 0 eventually, but doesn’t mean they can’t triple or quadruple before then.
  • Still don’t see value to the upside, yeah some growth stocks have started base building, 10/20day starting to catch up like COUP, AYX, DXCM, I would love to see a little bit more of a pullback, sideways so the 20day can catch up.
  • ZM is v v strong, high tight flag. I would prefer it to go sideways a little bit more, but would be willing to buy orhs today, this thing could be a squeezer. It just looks very linear and smooth, I think a lot of buying pressure in this thing.
  • UBER coming out of it’s range. Idk if I like this chart really, just so much resistance overhead. But on the 60min it looks great, if it had a lot of clear space above I would buy it, but right now there’s just too much overhead.
  • INO looking for mean reversion. About to take out orls again, but just too wide. Will wait for a setup later, for a tighter range. Don’t wanna risk like a dollar on this thing, I’d rather risk 50c if I can. INO sideways then cracks below vwap and 13 area, took starter. Risking 30c ish to make potentially 3 bucks. Stopped out, hopefully high teens by tomos. Stopped in again 13 break [half size].
  • Load of bear flags. If you have a bunch of stocks that haven’t been able to rally when the market rallies, what happens when the market starts stalling? They’re gonna go lower, bc the selling pressure is there.
  • BNTX had a very high vol day yesterday compared to it’s avg vol, so I’m watching it. If it can build a little bit of a base, this thing could be very explosive. Remember thing was 105 just 2 months ago.
  • I don’t trade for whisky, this is a Lamborghini. I don’t trade for small trades, I’m a home run trader. Bc if you trade for whiskies, to make a lot of money you need to make an obscene amount of trades, you need to make 100 trades per day. Unless u have an algo to trade for you, it’s prob not gonna happen. It’s great if you’re in account building mode, absolutely, that’s when you trade for whiskies. I traded for whiskies for a long time. Most of your money is gonna come from a few trades, or a short amount of time. Rest of your time is just grinding it out.
  • Some of these potential bear flags, are kinda becoming bull flags, tried to break lower, but instead they bounced off their rising MAs. Like MGM, found buyers on the rising 20day. If these things shape up, not gonna happen overnight, but I’m willing to buy these things, could be many 50/100% movers there.
  • VAPO also bought some of this thin pos, some sort of corona related name, sell some respiratory devices, just looked like a good chart. I chased a little bit unfortunately bc my alert didn’t go off.
  • CMG would have been a good short. It kinda gapped down a little bit, had a big pop, then when it went red/ took out orls. Could pull back to 800 next few sessions.


  • I didn’t have much either when I grew up tbh, all the other kids had more toys than me.
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