105 [Bear flags starting to break down? Apr 22, 2020]

  • GDX and NUGT look great, I’m gonna do NUGT bc it’s more volatile. Stopped out but it’s still a tight opening range, so will add back if it takes out highs again. Rebought NUGT. Just had this annoying candle where it took out orls. I think there’s a lot of potential, just look at GDX, the unlevered. This thing is just taking out an 8 year range, and GLD itself looking good too. But this is the first time the gold miners are actually starting to participate. The first half of the gold run the miners didn’t participate.
  • SPXL added orls. Weaker than TQQQ. QQQs holding the rising 10day MA, will size down on TQQQ if takes out hod.
  • SHOP covered about 60% yesterday. Added back some short today below first 5 min red candle. There may be another add point orls, 612 area. SHOP is right at the vwap, now to see if it rejects or it holds, I’ll cover a bunch of adds 619 if it holds. Got rejected, going to lower stop on adds. Now building hls below vwap, probably wants to reclaim.
  • Cruise lines and airlines firming up. In a major bear flag but so far not breaking down. NCLH, RCL, CCL, in super tight ranges, CCL don’t mind going long this thing if it sets up. No matter what way they break I’m gonna be there.
  • Still like this NCLH, but for me to do any individual stocks I prefer to do them mid or late day, on a tight range. And for me to hold them overnight they need to have a big fade and close weak. I was short some DAL and NCLH yesterday, they were trading in a tight tight range, but then grinded higher and stopped me out, I didn’t wanna hold o/n.
  • CHK going straight up, selling like 500 shares every dollar. Could go to 25/30 [double off lows].
  • TLRY about to go again. Man this chart looks so good, but I just don’t trust any breakouts atm.
  • Just don’t see a lot of value to the upside right now. All of the good charts are bear flags, don’t see a lot of bullish setups rn.
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