10 [Great trading… Not. Oct 16, 2019]

  • SES gap down, got shaken out near the close and now it’s gapping down, if it opens like this no way I’m gonna trade it, little bit annoyed. SES is now at vwap, I wouldn’t be surprised if it bounces back to 18 or so, I’m just not gonna trade it here could go either way. I kinda f*cked it up late day I should have known better bc late day ramp on these things it’s obv short covering, I got baited. In hindsight it was lhs, put in a lh, it’s always obvious in hindsight, but I really should have known better. Frontside I traded it correctly, small size and stopped out when I had to, but where I dropped the ball was late day when everyone else covered I covered with them, you never want to cover when everyone else covers that’s the way you lose money in the markets, you have to play differently, be a little bit contrarian, but I was part of the crowd.
  • SES now it took out lods, big down candle.
  • BIMI it could now be shortable, if it fails now at vwap could be shortable, could use like a dollar stop, but it needs to fail at vwap. This is exactly what I said watch for a fail at vwap and that’s exactly what happened, failed at vwap put in another lh and now it’s halted into a big down candle. Another perfect setup but I didn’t have the shares, watch out for that vwap bounce and then a fail of vwap, and it’s down 35% since.
  • RETA I’m gonna short a couple thousand shares, I shorted a few, anticipated a little bit, gonna use this 148 as my stop, it’s below vwap and I may add it it loses lods. Thing was up 3days into this data and now it’s gapping up big. I have 3800shares, okay covering some here. RETA found some support on this rising 1min 9ema. Let’s see how it reacts to this vwap, if it can reclaim it or if it’s gonna fail. Okay this thing is strong af, I’m out of this RETA.
  • RLMD, orls was the play, but I would have had to use a $4 stop, that’s a wide wide stop, not a great r/r. If this thing can bounce back to vwap could be a play here. Wow this thing is tanking, the only reason this opened up at 36 today was bc SES went up 300% yday. Wow almost down 44% from the highs.
  • TTD I’m up almost 5%, I’ll sell 10% of this.
  • TWLO up 3% and I’ll sell some here too, just locking in some into strength here.
  • JCP looks like it wants higher, it’s still building hls, every day it’s putting in hls, like where does it want to go? It’s been putting in hls every day for at least a month, idk but to me it looks like it wants higher. I only have 50kshares but I may add another 50kshares if it starts breaking out with volume, rn it is building a base up in a base and that’s generally a bullish pattern.
  • In daytrading you have to sell 1/3 or 1/2 when you have a 1R, bc in daytrading it’s hard to get big r/r, you have to sell some then you keep the other for a potential bigger move, bc then you’re sitting in a free trade, if the other half goes back to b/e you still have a profitable trade.
  • Some days the market gods are gonna piss in your face, and you have to take it, you have to take it and you say thank you and the next day you come back stronger. This is one of those days.
  • OLED this is surfing the 200day but I don’t see a setup here, just been inching higher, this is a buy a pullback type of stock, last time the great buying opp was when it bounced off a rising MA, it’s been the same way many times, but it doesn’t look clean rn.
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