72 [Coronavirus getinng HOT again and will the markets finally have a pullback? Feb 24, 2020]

  • Nice gap down in the markets from the weekend corona news. Most positions obviously gapping down premarket, sold some, today is a fateful day depending how we close, I may sell a lot of long exposure, if we can’t put in a strong close today, on the indices and also my holdings, I will size down considerably.
  • TVIX long 5k from Friday, kicking myself for missing entry orl friday, could have bought 10k/15kshares, but bought some midday at 47ish, also added some high 57s premarket this morning. I sold pm shares for a small loss, still have shares from Friday. TVIX starting to perk higher.
  • TSLA held some short, added premarket 860/858 ish range, short 2100shares, looks to be opening up on 10day MA, if can’t bounce looking to add more, not sure how much I’ll do out of the gate, would be better if it’s late day. Maybe if it puts in orls I’ll add a few, I’ll keep an eye on it, if trading near the open only gonna trade small. TSLA opened up right on the 10day, actually bit below. TSLA epic bounce so far. TSLA so far building lhs, bounced off this vwap, maybe I will add if it takes out vwap later.
  • APT may add some more to if big volume comes in and has some nice orhs, long 20kshares atm. If this sector finally gets momo these stocks will all double or triple. APT, I did add to it.
  • It’s just frustrating, there’s so much money to be made in this market and I’m just minimising it. It’s quite stressful having so many stocks to watch out of the gate. I’m gonna put hard stops on a bunch of these, the ones I’m very close to getting stopped out of.
  • ZM is green holy sh*t, this is the value of down markets, you can really see the stocks which are strong. ZM taking out Friday highs.
  • ETHE too, I’m up 60% in a few sessions on this thing, I don’t think I’ve sold any yet, I need to sell a bunch of this thing. Ten dollar spread on this thing.
  • Wow oil just keeps going lower. I think there will be an insane trade on the oil industry later this year, but not for now. Insane like we had in the Q1 2016, where a lot of these oil stocks, commodity stocks went up 1/200% in a few Qs. Bc oil can’t go to 0, some of the smaller companies will go bankrupt, but the ones that survive will be stronger, there will be a mean reversion trade there, especially if we keep going straight down.
  • NVAX triggering, gonna buy some, they trigger > I buy. The chart looks really, really good, Just coming out of a nice flag with hls, and obv the sector is strong. Vol is already close to avg volume, so that’s a good sign. If it takes out highs of the day I’ll potentially double up.
  • MNK earnings after the bell, good. Will be good to see how this thing reacts to earnings, if it can breakout above the 200day on earnings. There’s no way I would hold this piece of junk into earnings, so good to get it out of the way.
  • No I’m not in any trading communities, I used to be, I just find it’s distracting. I’ve kinda outgrown them, when you realise you’re one of the people making the most, there’s no point really in being part of a trading community, I kinda outgrew them. That’s why I’m creating my own, the stream. It’s a goal of mine to grow this stream and get a bunch of good traders together, I’m just trying to give some good trading ideas, and trade real time. I think it could help a lot of new traders, to see someone with experience trade real time (for free).
  • I don’t really use anything aside from Marketsmith and Koyfin, I don’t do deep research on stocks. I’m only really interested in how the earnings numbers look like, how the estimates look, and I usually have an idea of what they do, but it’s not like I deep dig into fundamentals and look at their balance sheets and do dcf and that. There’s no need to do that. I’m a momo trader, I want to be in the fastest moving stocks, there’s no need to complicate things, I don’t relly do any deep research. I read a lot of articles all the time, that I find on twitter and some blogs I follow, Seeking alpha etc. I use briefing and fly on the wall for news, then I use finviz and tradingview, marketsmith and koyfin.
  • I think you should study as many traders as possible, see their methods, do as much backtesting as possible, see if it’s an inherent part of the market structure. Take bits and pieces from everyone. Create your own method around it, then you can kinda dump all these people. I’ve been in like all of these trading rooms.


  • ‘Quality over quantity. I’d rather have 50 quality viewers on my stream than 500 idiots, if you know what I mean.’
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