417 [Very few sectors working. Nov 30, 2021]

  • RIOT coming out of a big base, been lagging past few months, MARA was up 335% RIOT was up like 75% not sure why, they both have big estimates, growth etc, funny thing back in Feb2021 RIOT was the leader and MARA was the laggard. Oh RIOT diluted like hell okay.
  • LI they just can’t hold it back. I got stopped out of it twice yday, super annoying.
  • BLNK found support on the rising 20day. Hot sector, and it had a lot of volume recently, it’s not bad, this thing can move, has a history of making big moves.
  • LCID kind of a slow mover, I wish it was at 90 already, moves like a boomer stock. It’s up 100% in a month? Okay I take it back.
  • MRNA I got short yday when it kinda lost vwap 360s or something, I should have kept it, but I looked at this intraday consolidation like nah it’s gonna take out hods so I covered up but should have just used hods stop.
  • ADGI I guess buying orhs was the play.
  • PLUG looks interesting too, just not going away. PLUG keeps plugging away.
  • I don’t like that the COMPQ can’t get above the 10/20day.


  • I’m almost 34 I have to start thinking about retirement stuff like that so I don’t wanna take too many risks, wtf am I gonna do after 35? Prob get a garden and do some boomer stuff, idk what do boomers do? Golf and hunt, fishing too.
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