357 [Lots of setups emerging. Jun 7, 2021]

  • There’s things to do, things are setting up, that’s what you wanna see, you want to see things break out and have follow through and you want new things to set up, that’s the sign of a healthy and strong market, for our type of trading.
  • GNK it’s a good setup, made a big move now it’s building a base here, building hls and getting tighter.
  • ETH is below the 50day but it is kinda flagging here, if it can break this 2900 area, idk hopefully it can go sideways a little bit more, so these ETHE and ETCG are instruments I’m gonna be watching incase ETH does break out.
  • UONE just keeps going, now a double from where it broke out, small account edge.
  • VEEV you kinda have to zoom out on this one, this is nothing for small accounts but for bigger accounts for a multi month play, these types of things can be really good. Held up really well after earnings, is at the higher end of this base, I think the 10day needs to catch up.
  • Now I’m totally uninterested in these meme stocks, I really hope they 2/3x from here, BB is actually building hls on the daily.
  • BB and AMC now I wish I’d covered a little bit more AH, really nice fades. BB I’m all out, AMC I have a tiny tiny position left, but it’s still in an uptrend, it reclaimed these emas on the 60min, the 10/20ema are both rising.
  • LEDS looks like I missed, I was too focussed on AMC BB.
  • There’s a lot of things setting up, really are, that’s a good sign.
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