336 [Lots of fading going on. May 3, 2021]

  • BNTX still going, it’s now a double, this is the only lcap stocks that’s made a big move in the past two months, unfortunately I missed it.
  • LRCX and AMAT I sold, both closed below the 20day and the 20day is starting to slope down which I don’t really like at all.
  • Indices can do whatever they want, it’s the setup we’re looking for. Sometimes the indices can go sideways but there’s a lot of setups and breakouts and follow through.
  • ETHE, man I sold it 48% ago, that’s what happens when you don’t follow sell rules.
  • BTX, was a potential parabolic short setup, I totally ignored it but yeah actually good setup. BTX I was hoping it would bounce back to 70, I had an order in for half size, damn.
  • DIA is breaking out of a little flag, the boomers are re-taking control, we have to fight the boomers guys, let’s take back the market.
  • AGQ, wake me up when AGQ is at 60, that’s the right attitude. I have a pretty decent position almost full size, these volume bars here, I bought it in 3/4 equal lots. I wish I’d bought a little bit more AGQ orhs.
  • OCGN is going, kinda broke out of a htf on the 60min, was a tricky entry but somewhere here high 11/12 area, it never put in a tight range day on the daily, would have been all over this thing.
  • TNA gonna but back tomorrow if it breaks that high 96 range, still holding up, now the 20day started sloping higher, it held and still building hls, feels like it’s gonna make a big move I don’t wanna miss it.
  • SNAP I am super excited about this one, I think it makes a big move when it breaks out, hopefully it tightens a fmd.
  • NVAX, if I sell now it’s gonna start upticking, my cost basis is way lower so I’ll give it a bit more time. I gave back like a million in open profit. Now it’s bouncing, now I’m using the lods as my stop, it undercut the 20day and now it’s bouncing, see if it can hold, and if it closes really weak I’m gonna sell it no matter what.
  • PLUG, look how nicely the 20day was acting as support, and now look how it’s acting as resistance. 10/20/50day act as support in uptrends, and in down trends resistance.
  • You need a lot of patience as a swing trader, this is base building this is what sets up big moves later, you gotta wait it out, have to wait the tough times out.
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