334 [Whack a mole. Apr 29, 2021]

  • FANG stocks just killing it, insane. AAPL has this little flag inside of a bigger flag, but very slow name.
  • OSTK looks interesting, but unfortunately kinda missed it. Only gapped up 17%, not huge at all, barely 2x ADR. OSTK looks great on the weekly, look how it’s been surfing the 50weekly and just kinda taking out this range, not a super clean one, but EPs are events that can launch these types of stocks. Fading now what a pos.
  • SNAP looks great on the weekly, so so on the daily would like it to tighten up, I bought half size but if it was tighter before this breakout would have bought more. This is what rs looks like, everything else is fading but this thing just keeps going up, but I still don’t like the fact everything else is fading, not a good sign.
  • ARKK stopped out, wasn’t that good of a setup, shouldn’t have bought it was a boredom trade, I went down in quality in my quest to find something to do.
  • It’s a very narrow market, not getting a lot of big moves, and not a lot of stocks making moves at all, most are stuck in a range and when they try to go they get slammed down. This is the hardest market to trade, where the indices are really strong, but there’s not much action under the surface. Some markets the market goes sideways but there’s a lot of things going on under the hood, I’d much prefer a market like that, or a market that’s just going down and there are no setups, no strength, you can just take every day off. This market there are things looking good, starting to go and you enter them and then goes to sh*t, that’s the hardest, it’s maybe 20% of the time a market like this.
  • As a day trader I did a bunch of stuff, intraday breakouts, but most of the time it was mean reversion on the short side, those are the easiest to find as a day trader, I traded news plays and stuff like that, I did a lot of stuff.
  • This is what the market does most of the time, this is what trading is take a step back and adapt. Even day traders have to be super selective rn, this is what trading is guys, you’re gonna be happy you started in a period like this, bc once we get easy money again you’re gonna print money, you’re gonna 2/3x your accounts very very quickly, but you can’t do stupid things like trading aggressively in a market like this.
  • Every year I normally go sideways or drawdown for 3/4months at least once, money comes in maybe 3/4/5months per year, the rest of the time you’re just treading water, it’s normal.
  • It’s kinda hard to get bearish on the market as there’s still so many things setting up, they need to just actually breakout and go.


  • To get to know you guys better I’m thinking about doing interviews, just like 10-15mins after the stream.
  • I’m gonna watch some youtube. Okay toothbrushing is the best, but even better if you use mouthwash after.
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