333 [Slowest bull run in a long time. Apr 27, 2021]

  • AMC and GME going, I’m not sure they’re gonna pull any magic tricks out of the hat this time around, they’re just so bloated, especially AMC, or maybe they will idk.
  • CROX, it’s already a ten bagger in a year that’s the problem, but it has gone sideways for three months, building hls, but it’s not a young trend anymore. Big numbers, but, easy comps that’s why.
  • ETSY does look good, CVNA broke out too yesterday I passed on it, but shouldn’t have, big weekly breakout.
  • RIOT and MARA, they bounced off the rising 100day and now they’re building these small ranges, not a traditional setup of mine, but this is one of the more exciting sectors, something I will keep an eye on.
  • UPS, look at the ADR, trading something like this is a waste of time, you wanna be in the fast moving things. Don’t go down in the quality ladder just bc there’s nothing going on, you don’t have to trade every single day, you don’t have to trade every week, every month. You should never go down in quality. Obviously it’s easier said than done, we’ve all been there, it gets boring and you start imagining things look way better than they actually look, our brains rationalise things bc we really really want to make trades, but that’s not our job, our job is to make money.
  • Guys I’m gonna tell you a secret, you can be a total moron and still make a lot of money, the key is never go full retard. Everyone is trying to be a rocket scientist, but they don’t realise, being a moron and knowing where your limits are, is many times more valuable than being a rocket scientist that doesn’t know their limits, especially in the markets. Most people are morons, just how it is, you can realise it and accept it and act accordingly, or you can be the type of moron that tries to be a rocket scientist. Very few people are rocket scientists.
  • Those big big moves, you only need a few, and they’re gonna make significant changes to your accounts, it’s all about waiting for those good good setups, rn there’s just not many.
  • The most important thing is overall momo and the linearity of a stock, also I think if you can get access to estimates, estimates are much more important than anything else, especially on more cyclical type of stocks.
  • If something feels not right, run away, live to fight another day. Anything you do, you better do it from a position of strength.
  • MM, idk why he mentions these really thin stocks on twitter, he has been trading like 37years he should be a billionaire, why’s he selling subscription services idk, I know he has a solid trading framework, he has written two really good trading books. His strategy does scale, if he increased his timeframes a little bit, his strategy is very scalable, you can easily trade it with several hundred million dollars no problem. Maybe he just hasn’t figured out how to scale, which is kinda weird bc there’s a lot of very liquid stocks that behave exactly like that fit into his strategy. Maybe he’s just an addict, I’m an addict too, in a way if you’re gonna be successful in trading, you kinda have to be a degenerate addict, no one who is semi serious about markets is really gonna be very successful at it. There are no mediocre successful traders, you can be mediocre in any other type of business and still have a job, but in trading if you’re mediocre you’re gonna lose money. You have to be good, and you won’t be good if you’re half assed, so you gotta be really motivated, really focussed.
  • Like watching paint dry, this is what trading is most of the time, it’s like watching paint dry.
  • Struggling trader feedback: CELH [19/02/2021] was wide and loose not nice and tight. APHA [01/03/2021] same day I entered, was a good setup but obv didn’t work out. APPS [22/03/2021] could have been tighter, otherwise okay setup, but this stock was already up 2000%, stocks don’t go up forever, if this base was down here it would probably have worked out but at some point things just have to rest. ETSY was an okay setup, surfing 50day, building hls, got a little bit tighter before the breakout, took out this range. Also remember the COMPQ was in a downtrend, 10/20day sloping down, not really great environment to buy breakouts.
  • Struggling trader feedback: AMAT [26/03/2021] good setup that’s where I bought. UNFI was pretty decent, clean trend surfing the 20day and this tight range, then a range expansion, okay setup nothing crazy. MOGO, yeah buying microcaps off the 50day, they’re usually better off the rising 10/20day, the 50day is more for larger cap stocks that have better institutional support, these microcaps can be a little bit random. FUTU [7/4/2021] was not a good setup, kinda all over the place, too short of a flag too choppy. MSTR [9/4/2021] I don’t see anything here, focus on the ones surfing the rising MAs. The common theme is it hasn’t been a good breakout market the past two months, especially for small/microcaps.
  • Struggling trader feedback: W, wait for the breakout, you need to wait for the stock to prove itself, otherwise you may wait for something that never happens. MRNA not really the type of setup I’m trying to teach you but yeah surfing the 100day, reclaimed and range expansion candle, worked out really well. NTAP [14/4/2021] I see what you see kind of a tight flag, nice trend, surfing the 10day, but these types of setup in a market like this, really tough. BILI, I see what you see surfing the 100day but stick to the ones like I teach in sts.


  • Bounty hunter dad, tos pdf.
  • Daddy’s rich, Daddy’s gonna take care of you. Guys it’s okay if you call me Daddy, I’m totally fine with it.


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