331 [Things are setting up for next week! Apr 23, 2021]

  • SKX, potential ep, breaking out of a 5/6year range on earnings.
  • SNAP, I don’t like the fact it’s getting rejected by vwap.
  • XME looks really good, multi month flag, hls.
  • Sell in May and go away? Look at last year if you went away in May you missed all this, 2018 big rally into fall, 2017 grinded higher another 6/7months, 2016 actually would have saved you some headache. It’s a nice rhyme but probably not very profitable trading strategy.
  • To have explosive returns you have to take risks, but it’s not about the risk taking, it’s about the knowing when to and not to take risks, that’s the key.
  • NET going straight up, pos why did it have to close so weak, that’s a classic, I size down then it goes.
  • FNMA, that’s actually a pretty decent looking flag.
  • CREE, semi name not that great on the daily but on the weekly it’s not bad.
  • Lots of these stocks have earnings early May, so if they can hold these ranges until then, they may make big earnings breakouts potentially.
  • DQ was really good yesterday, but I passed on it.
  • SQM looks super tight, in a big flag on the weekly, look how nicely it’s surfing the 20weekly building hls, and how tight it is, could really go.
  • EYES it’s a sh*tty pump stock, just bc it’s surfing the 50day, it needs to get a pump going again.
  • XM having follow through, had a nice ep yesterday, traded 3/4x avg volume.
  • TNA I did 1/3 size, if IWM goes on a run could easily get to high 200s, TNA could double. I will go full r*tard if it actually breaks out of this range, rn it’s still rangebound. I bought the top, I knew I should have waited. If it goes sideways put in a tight candle monday, then breaks out, I will add, rn it looks very powerful, hls, getting tighter and tighter, 2.5month range.
  • AMAT looks like it wants to have a follow through breakout, is actually setting up, like a 4* setup, I might add more size if it actually breaks out.
  • TWLO looks great on the weekly, pretty much been going sideways for 4months, if it can tighten up a little bit more, would be great.
  • If I had a smaller account I would be looking for smaller moves and making more trades, compounding. At this point I’m a homerun trader, I don’t care about pennies, I want the big trades, but they don’t come around that often. If you have a smaller account you need to be more aggressive.
  • Watching my videos from 2019? Any time a successful trader has a lot of info up publicly, you don’t ask, you go through ALL the content. That’s what I did, I went through everything on Stockbee’s blog, both his free and paid site. I went through every single newsletter on Dan Zanger’s website, he has newsletters from like late ’90s. You don’t ask, you do. You need to have that drive, if you don’t have that drive, if you don’t have the fire inside of you, good luck. I’m not here to give you the fire, you need to find the fire yourself.
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