316 [NASDAQ is tightening up, lots of strength. Mar 31, 2021]

  • MARA went yesterday, this thing is so strong, RIOT is setting up, SI broke out yesterday if it dips a little I’m gonna buy probably. RIOT is setting up here, look how nicely it’s building hls, and surfing the 50day, beautiful, and now the MAs have gone down, the 10day is down to the price, it’s ready to go, this thing could very easily go up 50% if it breaks out. BTC is still flagging, surfing the 50day, been going sideways for a bit more than a month now building hls, looks good, once BTC gets going again all these are gonna make big big moves, if they can go sideways just a little bit more that would be great.
  • TSLA covering up here, reclaiming the declining 10day. Covered half, keeping half stop hods.
  • SMH looks so strong, gonna make a big move maybe go to 300 or something once it breaks out of here, may need some more time. SOXL went in big.
  • CLF it’s an ep, very big guidance, these steel names are becoming growth stocks now. I would say this is almost a 5* ep, breaking out of a nice multi month flag, big big guidance, volume could be better but it is nearing half the avg daily vol 13mins into the trading, so I guess pretty decent. Now trading half avg daily vol half an hour after the open, it traded 1M in the first 1min, and 1.5-2M by the time it took out orhs, that’s like 25% the avg daily vol, that’s a good sign, what you want to see in an ep.
  • CLF I thought had a little bit of a nicer setup than X, I like how it was surfing the rising 100day, look how nicely it undercut and reclaimed the 100day here, and tested here. It was also a pocket pivot type of scenario, still inside of a base. And obv today it had an ep, monster guidance and big volume right out of the gate, gonna be a big volume day, breaking out of this multi month flag, really really good setup. X just wasn’t as good of a setup. Reminds me a bit of CELH when that one broke out on earnings Nov2020, similar, multi month range, previous trend, multi month flag with hls then it broke out on earnings and good volume.
  • TIGR bought some breaking out range. TIGR this is still one of the fastest growing stocks out there, big pullback from the highs, found support on the rising 100day.
  • ARKK will start sizing down also on short. Just went long TQQQ, switched short to long, I like how COMPQ is holding the rising 100day, building hls, look how nicely it’s surfing the 100day, beautiful.
  • TQQQ went a little bit heavy, now the QQQs may get to the 50day and fail again that’s what I’m afraid of, IWM also has this 20day.
  • There’s two types of stocks that make big moves, global leaders and hype stocks or pumps/sometimes even outright frauds. I have a combination of them.
  • UPST could be a setup developing here, look at how violently it’s building hls, look how it’s surfing the 10day.
  • NTLA what a move, this is how a good setup is supposed to work, it’s supposed to go immediately, not all of them do but these are the best ones, they just break out violently and just go. Reminds me of DQ back in Dec2020, and then it just went and tripled.
  • Everyone should be taking notes. If you want to trade the way that I do, and you feel like you’re not where you want in your trading, you should be taking notes. I talk a lot of sh*t but I also say a few smart things every stream, like really smart things, like sometimes I’m even surprised.
  • Study these things, understand how blow ups happen, there’s a reason I have rules, strict position management rules, strict exit rules, also strict liquidity rules. Understand these things, you don’t need to be a math wizz to make it in the markets, you just have to understand very simple concepts.
  • PINS is a potential pocket pivot type of a setup, it’s still inside of a range but is kinda breaking out.
  • The breadth is higher than it’s been in more than a month, there’s just so many things that are up and like break outs off these major rising MAs, and also a lot of these are breaking out to new highs and having follow through, so that’s what you want to see, that’s a sign of strength. That’s different vs the past month where there were some stocks here and there that broke out but then they failed, bc you don’t want to see a few stocks breaking out, you want a lot of stocks breaking out, that’s what you want to see in a strong market. There’s no guarantee of follow through but this is a good sign, exactly what you want to see.


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