314 [Watching pain dry. Mar 29, 2021]

  • Bill Huang, we kicked him from the private short discord, if he had just notified us he was gonna get liquidated we could have made a lot of money on the short side, VIAC, TME, DISCA, look at these wicks, his wicks are what 40%, he’s the ultimate wickman, that’s what leverage does guys, you can have 100% winrate for ten years, and that one time you’re gonna blow up, excessive leverage, that’s what happens.
  • So I bought some VIAC and DISCA Friday when they started taking out these ranges to the upside late day, these were extreme moves, it was all about waiting for pretty much the selling to stop.
  • BIDU is the one I wish I’d done, had a nice candle on the 60min, I wish I’d bought the break of that candle, bounced off the 200day.
  • QQQs I think we’re gonna have a decent move once it breaks out, is kinda flagging, don’t know yet where it’s gonna break to the upside or the downside, I think we need more time, the longer we consolidate the bigger the move is gonna be.
  • GME is actually flagging here.
  • You can clearly see on the indices that breakouts haven’t been working, look what the indices have been doing this month, nothing, up down up down chop chop chop. IWM pretty much same thing. But I think unless we break down we are building some constructive bases in a lot of stocks, just need a little bit more time.
  • You’re gonna spend most of your trading career in a drawdown, that’s how it works, not gonna hit new highs every day, you have long periods of time where you’re off from the highs, just get used to it.
  • TWTR got slammed, guess where, the declining 10day; they act as support on the way up and resistance on the way down.
  • HGEN, yeah this was an ep. Biotech EPs are so difficult, you don’t know which ones are good and which ones are not.
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