297 [Some setups emerging again. Mar 2, 2021]

  • W, I do regret I didn’t do this W, I wish it was a big tighter but man I should have bought it, coming out of a base like this you know there’s not gonna be that much tightness, but I always want tightness.
  • APPS unfortunately wasn’t tight when it broke out, I hate breakouts that are not tight, they can sometimes work but I prefer tight breakouts, unless it’s something taking out a long range like W then you have to look at the overall pattern.
  • RIOT covered half, but gonna keep the other half incase it gets rejected off the 10day here, but if it looks like it’s gonna reclaim I’ll cover the other half too. RIOT so far a day 3 bounce setup, just like MARA was last week, if you’re a daytrader this is the most profitable day trading setup, mean reversion. You have a big mover, goes down, bounces, on day 3 gapping up into supply, just like MARA when I shorted it slammed straight down. If you learn one setup as a daytrader that’s it.
  • GMBL bought some wide stop on this thing, it’s one of these gambling stocks, hottest sector rn.
  • SE just isn’t that good of a setup, this is what it does, pulls back to the 50day and then it goes, this is the type of stock it’s better to buy weakness, some stocks are like this. But again look at the move it made, just in one year up 650%, a mcap stock, that’s a huge move for a stock like this, you can’t really expect this thing to go straight up from entry.
  • APHA bought some. 5* setup just textbook, clean trend, orderly pullback to the 20day, undercut retest undercut reclaim, hls all the way and now it’s had two tight days, especially yesterday very tight day. It’s a 5.5* setup.
  • PERI up bc they pre announced. Earnings and pre announcements, there’s a big edge trading those, two of my favourite types of ep.
  • TUP, they have earnings soon, if this thing can break out on earnings this it the type of stock that can make big moves, look at the weekly it’s htfing on the weekly, looks good building hls getting tighter, I think it needs to break out on earnings.
  • FSR this was an ep, it had some pr memorandum understanding, and obviously the volume was very big, hot sector ev, been building hls, long base, that told me there’s interest in this thing. You gotta put these things together, hot sector, all these ev stocks have made big big moves the past 6/12months like TSLA, NIO, XPEV, LI, and this one is just coming out of a long long base on big volume, that’s why I bought it. You always want to buy things coming out of big big bases. RKT I bought yesterday also, broke a long base 5/6months with hls, look at the volume here, these are the types of things you want to find.
  • If I had to start again with a small account I would definitely swing trade. I would probably do like 3/5/10day type of swing trading, and just compound very fast, long/short, I wouldn’t day trade. And I would also not do longer term swing trading, I would do a few days to maybe a week or two tops. And just trade the highest ADR, highest momo stocks, long/short, that’s where your edge is the best.
  • UUUU yeah good looking today pretty good setup, also had a nice looking setup here. Other uraniums, UEC no setup, URG getting tight maybe tomos, CCJ also a decent one.
  • ZM if this can tighten up a little bit more, a few days or weeks, it could also look like this W looked like and if it breaks out I will buy it. Building a nice flag on the weekly, if it can just tighten up a little bit this thing could go, if it breaks out of this flag, now surfing the 200day after making this huge move last year, next move higher gonna go to 600/700, this thing has insane growth, it’s had this type of growth for over a year now, two, just amazing. If you want to narrow the universe of stocks, you can just focus on one, the highest momo stocks, or two, the highest momo stocks with triple digit earnings. These types of stocks are great if you want to have a little bit of a longer time frame, bc there is fundamental reasons for these things to go up, these things can go up for years and years.
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