287 [Slow start to a 4-day week. Feb 16, 2021]

  • RIOT is now straight up from the entry, from this htf break, too bad it gapped up, if hadn’t gapped up and broken out intraday lower I’d have done more size, but yeah it’s a double now from last week. MARA not as fast of a mover but also up a lot now. RIOT could be a good short setup, I’m not sure if it’s gonna be today, it is up 3days in a row, the second leg higher from that htf break. I don’t think today is gonna be the day but if it closes strong 60+ or something, it’s gonna be a setup tomos.
  • PLUG short looks like it’s gonna stop me out, and actually looks like a good long setup again, had some tight days now and it’s built a new range.
  • FSR bought yesterday had insane insane volume, when it got back to the opening range mid/late day that’s when I bought it, just bc it had this insane volume, it was a little bit of a non traditional entry.
  • GME in an incredibly tight range the past 4/5sessions now, either way this thing breaks it’s gonna be big, building lhs and hls. I really hope it breaks out since the percentage move to the upside is possibly much bigger than the downside, but it needs to take out Friday’s highs. and Thur’s highs which is about the same. So GME failed the rangebreak again, it keeps getting rejected on this declining 20ema.
  • WBAI, oh it’s a crypto related stock, I guess I should have bought the ep here [21/12/2020], the volume, that’s what started the big move, but other than that it’s actually not a tradable stock for me.
  • APPN bought breakout. Ah APPN earnings in two days, we’ll see if it acts well I’ll hold it, if it doesn’t I wont.
  • GBTC is actually breaking out of this big flag, very tight. Added some long.
  • CBAT is an incredibly nice looking breakout, this is like a 4.5* breakout, incredibly good looking breakout, been surfing this 20day. Previously last year made a big big move, had a big 60% pullback, found support on the 50day, undercut it, found support on the 50day again, surfed the 50day, then it started surfing the 20day again, and now it’s been building hls and has this big big range, now breaking out of this range. Very clear breakout, a breakout can’t be more clear than this.
  • OEG is a good looking one, wow looks like a 5.5* setup on a 5* scale on the 60min, beautiful.
  • OXBR, yeah it’s a good setup, made a big move, orderly pullback and now it’s been surfing the 10day, and it’s breaking out of this nice range with hls, beautiful.
  • BNGO there is no such thing as resistance, it’s clear skies, it’s gonna be a good short when either it goes parabolic and the buyers get exhausted, or if it starts showing some weakness and starts breaking down, there is no such thing as resistance on charts like these. I’m not really a believer in resistance overall, I’m a believer in ranges. I mean obviously in the right circumstances there is such a thing as support and resistance, I talk about resistance all the time, supply zones is what I call them, it’s just that most people use them in the wrong way. I’ll put it this way; if something is trending down there is no such thing as support, and when something is trending higher there is no such thing as resistance, most of the time. Dan Shapiro says they’re speed bumps, not walls.
  • LGF.A, I guess it looks like a pretty decent flag, 5* setup, exactly what you’re looking for, clean and nice and linear, and a lot of momo. They make movies, hunger games, made a big move back in 2013 when that came out, since then not much success.
  • DDS, yeah it looks exactly the same like the others, it’s a really beautiful setup 5*, it’s exactly what we want, big momo, it’s 2/3/4x the past few months, had an orderly pullback, look how nicely it found support on the rising 20day, it’s building hls and now it’s getting tighter, it’s 5* it really is. If you need to learn one setup to trade, it’s this type of setup, a htf and combinations of these types of flag and pennant types of patterns, triangles, on big momo stocks.
  • If there’s lots of setups, and things are breaking out and working, that means the market is in good shape.
  • QS, I would still be in it if it didn’t have earnings today, but there’s just no way it’s gonna close strong, but so far it is building hls compared to Friday’s lows, but if it closes like this and you hold it into earnings you’re gonna be in the market god’s hands. You always want to approach trading from a position of strength, so any time you’re holding into a catalyst, make sure you have a profit padding, and you’ve already locked in a bunch, enter the catalyst from a position of strength, not a position of weakness.


  • Added !Brandi.
  • Did CWT yesterday.
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