286 [Gamestop $GME ultra tight setup. And some HOI4 gameplay. Feb 12, 2021]

  • GME I think is on the brink of a big big move, look at how tight it is surfing the 50day now, still below the 50day pm, but once it breaks out of this little tight 3day consolidation, I think it’s gonna make a big move. I hope it goes to the upside, back to 150 or something that’s a triple from here.
  • GME getting rejected at the 20ema here on the 60min, if it can take out that I think it can make a big move higher. So it’s pretty much the same range as yesterday, a little bit higher highs and a little bit lower lows, but man once it breaks it’s gonna have a big move. If this GME breaks out of this range, that 54/53.50, I’m gonna go full retard on it. I already lost 400k on it, I bought it when it got rejected on this 20ema and I sold here the bottom of the candle, don’t do this at home guys.
  • GME looks a bit weak, has been building lhs intraday, couldn’t hold green on the day, but man it’s so thin now, and the not only has the share volume gone down, the dollar volume has been cut by 95%+. GME I would love to double my size on it but this thing is so illiquid. Now this thing is about to break, omg could go to the hourly 65ema, could literally be up another 50% today.
  • BNGO, depends on which way it breaks, this thing is up 2000% in the past two months, but it is flagging, if it breaks out why can’t it go to $20 or something, but also if it starts breaking down loses the 20day has a lot of downside, could very easily pullback to this base down here in the 6 area, so I’m watching both ways.
  • QS having some insane volume, I would have preferred a smaller gap up, oh nvm it’s only up 15%. Hopefully it goes back to 70/80. Okay so the game plan is this, we’re gonna have a full day of trading on Tuesday, and if it closes strong I’m gonna hold it into earnings, not that it matters this thing is an early stage haven’t even released a product yet, it’s all about hype and momo, the earnings itself won’t matter, but yeah if it closes strong Tue I’m gonna hold it into earnings. QS look at the flag it’s building intraday, beautiful, I think this thing goes to 60 in a flash. QS broke out intraday, f*ck it I’ll add a bit more, I promised to go full retard, I go full retard. QS could very easily go to 60 today, especially with this volume.
  • CCIV it’s already up in the stratosphere, but in this market it doesn’t really matter, it is a textbook trade it’s just a bit extended, it had one leg higher, two legs higher, this is the third leg higher, I only have half size.
  • AG wow, look at that flag, and SLV is getting tight too, I think Silver is gonna make a big move eventually, Silver and silver related stocks are flagging in a tight range, and there’s an ongoing pump in these things, there’s a good chance these things break out. AGQ is a triple SLV can make big moves, last year this went up 150% in 4weeks or so, while SLV went up 60% in 4weeks.
  • YI yesterday perfect parabolic setup, I couldn’t trade it too thin, actually it ended up trading a fair amount of shares but I didn’t know it was gonna end up trading almost 30Mshares. Look at what it did, it was already up 3 days in a row, started to get extended, now the fourth day it went parabolic started speeding up, and all you have to do is wait for that first red 5min candle and then the break of that candle, and that’s your setup, look at this 5* setup. And there was an add spot here when it failed vwap and started building lhs, had this little pattern here breakdown pattern intraday, that was another setup an add spot. That’s just one example, it’s pretty much free money if you do it right.
  • You don’t size down for the ticker, bc what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna end up trading 100 tiny positions, and you’re gonna miss out on the big liquid stuff. You should always look to increase size not to decrease size. The only time you decrease size is when the market conditions are not optimal for your style of trading, and/or when things are not going well. You should always push, get rid of this loser mentality to start trading stocks that are very illiquid for the size of your account. You should always push your size if you keep your risk parameters in check. If you double your account in one month, eventually say a month later, you should probably have increased your size too by double, and your risk. Get out of this ‘oh you have to trade everything all the time’ mentality.
  • BTU it’s a good looking setup, made a big big move from the lows almost 400%, look how nicely it’s been surfing the 20day, been building hls, and now it has been building this tight range here, really good looking setups.


  • Webinar is a boomer word, it’s not a thing anymore, webinar.
  • Old habits die hard, you have to kill them. You have to murder your old habits, that’s the only way. They don’t fix them by themselves.
  • HOI4. It is ridiculously complicated, it is rocket science.
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