280 [Where is the line? #holdtheline $GME $AMC $GSX $KOSS. Feb 4, 2021]

  • SPYs look great, look like they’re flagging, look like they want to go to 420, SPYs look absolutely amazing. Just tested the 50day, bounced off the 50day, just in a flag.
  • TSLA I sized down a little bit yesterday again, just not having a lot of juice for now, was by far my biggest position so just sized it down. TSLA just stopped me out of my last shares, it’s actually losing the 20day here, I do not like this doesn’t look good man. I may even go short this thing if it can’t rally back, or maybe not it’s still range bound, I’ll see I’ll look into it later, if a lot of things start weakening later, maybe then but rn nah. I had to take a starter on TLSA I couldn’t resist. TSLA about to take out lods, I’m gonna add to full size on it
  • GME I was short overnight, if you look at the 60min, this 90/88/86 area is a huge area, if it breaks this little bear flag on the 60min it could go straight to the 50day which is about 45% lower, the range on this stock is absolutely insane. Or if it starts building hls and breaks the range to the upside, then it may have a nice little 50/100% pop, but rn it doesn’t look that great with that series of lhs. GME can’t get above vwap. GME I think it looks like it wants to take another leg lower. Look at this perfect bear flag, come on go to 50. I think it needs to get closer to the 50day, it’s the same thing with the shorts, now that it’s pretty much been going sideways for a few days there’s no mean reversion here. I think if it can go down to the 50day, down another 30/40/50% then I think there’s gonna be an epic bounce on this thing, 100/200% in a day or two or three, no doubt there will be an epic bounce but I don’t know where it’s gonna be. But rn it just broke the bear flag to the downside and there’s really no support until the 50day.
  • PLUG not so much juice yesterday, this is by far my biggest position rn 200kshares, really hope it goes to 100.
  • SAVA could be ready, I would have hoped for this thing to hold up in pm, open up in the 120/130s or whatever, now it’s kind of eh. This stock was a dollar stock a little bit over a year ago, and now it traded almost 140 premarket, that’s an insane insane insane move, this is what can happen in biotech land, you have a stock left for dead and then they succeed in trials and whatnot and the stock goes up 10000% in a short amount of time, pretty amazing. Short some orls. Stopped. Ah SAVA damn don’t tell me I missed it, I tried to short it twice earlier today and lost 800k, and now it’s prob gonna go down without me.
  • JKS, looks like DQ two months ago when I bought it [10/12/2020], and this is what JKS looks like today, not exactly the same but it is tight, it’s in a big big flag on the weekly, I really like this one.
  • XL bought some orhs.
  • APPS is not an ep, ep is a specific setup. Ep is best for a stock that’s early in the trend, this thing is already up 2500% in less than a year, ep is for a stock that’s been going sideways a long time, or is coming off of a correction, just bc a stock is gapping up on news doesn’t make it an ep, that’s not where your edge is. Your edge is buying a stock early in a move not late in a move, that’s what an ep is.
  • GOOS yeah this is more like an ep, this thing has been going nowhere for over a year and now it has idk anything about the earnings but yeah it could be. This one actually had a really good ep I remember this post ipo a couple years ago [Nov2017], made a big move post ep.
  • TIGR this thing had an ep down here [22/12/2020] idk what the news was, but that’s when the whole China brokerage sector started rallying.
  • SNDL on the hourly, yeah it’s kinda setting up, actually you know what this thing looks like it wants to double, it’s like the most bloated stock out there, this is a dollar stock with a ah only 72M float I thought it would be more, yeah the volume is insane, SNDL maybe later like next week it could be something, wouldn’t be crazy if it breaks out of here and goes to like $2-3.
  • AI yeah I was looking at it, but didn’t feel right, it’s a little bit sloppy and wide and loose, it’s not tight, it’s not like PLTR when I bought it here [22/1/2021] broke out of a tight range very linear and clean, and ABNB broke out here [12/1/2021] it was tight. This AI idk it’s just all over the place, looks too random that’s why I passed on it.
  • PTON looks great, last time we bought it here [14/12/2020] broke out of this little pattern, surfing the 50day been building hls for like 2months, then it broke out of this clean range, and went up almost 40% from entry in just two weeks, nb for a lcap stock.


  • This looks exactly like Nate, is this a deep fake? Can someone make a video like this with me?
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