277 [Meme stonks. Jan 29, 2021]

  • Covered GME ah, when it took out this range, 268/267 area, that was a good call bc it’s gapping up. I reshorted small when it failed the vwap in early premarket but it’s like a small starter 1/4 size with a wide stop. So I’m gonna watch orls and stuff like that on these stocks. GME and there goes the bids, rinse and repeat of yesterday. So far it looks like it’s reclaiming vwap, but it would be epic if it went to 1000. Added a little bit since it looks like it’s failing vwap for now.
  • GME bounced perfectly off the 10day, yeah that’s why I say 10day should be the target, 10/20day usually. GME building hls intraday, for now, but it’s also building lhs so just in a big range of death for now. I think this GME is gonna have a huge move today in the last hour, either the last shorts covering for the weekend or the last bidders giving up before the weekend, the question is which way will it go, I hope it goes higher I really do hope it goes 1000+.
  • KOSS the same thing I shorted small premarket, I was watching these things when they opened up 4am. KOSS is not bouncing pm like GME is, KOSS is kinda sluggish. KOSS are you kidding me I hate this stock so hard to get fills, I did tiny size pm was very illiquid, hopefully it can get back to vwap. KOSS alright got stopped out of my 1/4 size from premarket.
  • AMC also I took a small starter premarket but looks like I’m gonna get stopped out. Stopped out of starter AMC, that’s a good thing, the higher these things go the better, that’s the good thing about shorting. Reshorted orls.
  • BTBT nice gap up from yesterday.
  • TSLA on the daily it looks fine, like it’s holding, but if it loses this area of hls on the 60min, which also coincides with being where the 20day is, yeah we’ll see. That is the stock, I think if TSLA starts pulling back that’s where speculation money is gonna stop. But we’ll see, I just trade these ranges, that’s all I do. It’s right on the 20day, but on the 60min it looks a big vulnerable, but it’s range bound so very easy to get chopped up, not really an obvious trade but I have a starter, I have a tight stop. TSLA below vwap for now, looks like it’s about to break another range to the downside.
  • Before breakouts and corrections there’s a lot of breakout failures, there’s a lack of setups, and there’s a lot of breakout failures. And sometimes you also get a lot of speculation in lcaps and many of the smaller ones too.
  • Did you see the news that Citron Research is gonna stop covering shorts? It has to be some kind of sign, wouldn’t it be ironic that when all these shorts get blown out that’s when the market goes down? It’s literally how it happens, and it happens in the reverse too, when the markets go down and everyone gives up, that’s when the market bottoms. Fascinating to see. Idk but these are not the things you see at a market bottom usually, all this froth and these stupid meme stocks and all the pumping going on, it’s just not healthy.
  • GBTC, this was the day [28/1/2021] I missed it, bounced off the 50day perfectly that was the entry, now it’s straight up. BTC same thing we’re seeing rn, why were none of these people bullish on this thing 6months ago when BTC was a bargain? Now that the price has 3/4x now everyone is getting bullish on it, it’s just how it works. You have a really big edge not following the crowd, that’s how it works right price leads sentiment, price drives the narrative. Okay what’s the DOGE coin, the dollar vol is really low on this thing.
  • NVAX I passed on it, I had a chance to buy it like I ignored it out of the gate then I looked at it when it was here and I was like nah maybe if it can go sideways for a few hours, and here we are, it’s prob gonna go to 500/1000 or something, in this market you never know. Breaking out of a.. Ah I’m kicking myself now, should have done orhs on this.
  • Sometimes I do buy pullbacks if I miss the entry, sometimes I do, like e.g MARA yesterday, I bought the breakout here 19.40s, then it did pullback I still had my order in I was hoping it would come back, I had an order for 200kshares at 19.46, I only got filled on like 20kshares at first like 10%, then I got filled another 10kshares it never traded lower, I was the one holding it up here, and then it bounced higher. So yeah if I really like something I’m willing to buy on a pullback, but usually I let it go.
  • TLRY looking juicy man, if it can just go sideways a fmd, I may get another opp to get in on this thing, after I got shaken out before. TLRY is breaking out of that 60min range. I don’t like TLRY yet, I think it needs to go sideways a little bit more, it needs to tighten up, tightness is the key, you buy tight setups that’s where your edge is gonna be, generally, there are exceptions but stick to the tight ones.
  • QS, remember when we thought QS was this insane stock when it was up 1000% in a month, all of this stuff is gonna look like this eventually, GME, KOSS, AMC, the question is, the eternal question, how high can they go first?
  • NVDA I can’t believe how tight this is getting, gonna be an insane move one it breaks one way or another, just getting tighter and tighter, tried to breakdown here, breakout here, a couple of times but it’s still rangebound, can’t breakout of that range, once that range resolves it’s gonna be a big big move.


  • I think I owned a KOSS headphones once, I was gonna go to a Lan party and I needed headphones so I bought the cheapest ones. This is how I slept for like two nights.
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