258 [870% returns in 2020! Jan 4, 2021]

  • Looks like all the crypto related names are gapping higher. Gonna looks what BTC did over the weekend, oh it’s pulling back now to the 10day well it touched the 10day, on the hourly yeah it had a bit of a wash out and found support on the 10day. I still think this thing goes to 50k easily, like I said when it broke out from this 20k range on this flag, 5* flag, learn these setups guys, gonna make a of of money, in many diff asset classes, doesn’t just work on stocks, anything that has momo.
  • TNA looks like I’m getting stopped out of short, or should I raise my stop on it, you know what I’m gonna raise my stop to b/e, little bit below. TNA what a move, so happy I raised my stop to b/e, what if I had covered it out of the gate high 67s I would be so pissed rn.
  • QS I’m so happy I kept some over the long weekend, I was gonna cover it all on Friday but then I checked what the borrow rate was and it was impossible to borrow, so I was like I’ll keep my last shares, but I only had 1/3 size to begin with. Who would have thought, guys if you learn the language of setups you’re gonna catch these things, longs, shorts, you’re gonna nail these things left and right. It’s now down 47% from where I shorted it, perfect breakdown. Gonna cover up my last, it’s prob gonna go to the 50day idgaf I’ll just cover it all, and maybe if it goes to the 50day maybe it’s gonna be a nice long trade again. Can’t get above vwap even, I hope this thing closes weak today and then bounces off the 50day tomos.
  • BNGO could be a short, I’m not gonna do it, ah maybe I am, nah I’ll pass on it. I passed on it, that’s fine, I was a bit unprepared, a little bit late coming into today, I only have myself to blame. Still holding for now, but it loses vwap here again could be a good short setup, but it could very easily reclaim. So BNGO has been failing at vwap a few times and building lhs, this thing could very easily go to mid 3s today. BNGO took out hods, wow good thing I didn’t touch it, I hope this thing goes to like $7/8/9 byby tomos then it would be my main watch tomos.
  • HVBTF bought orhs.
  • ROKU had some good news, gapped up on it and faded, and it’s right on a big big support area, the 20day, if it loses that.. It’s not a good sign, this is happening in growth stocks for a couple of weeks now, they’re selling growth names. ROKU still right on the 20day, shorted some breakdown through lows. ROKU looks like it’s near lods again, failed on vwap.
  • JNUG got stopped out of starter. So GLD is breaking out of a long long base here, looks great on the weekly, it’s just breaking out of a 6month base, looks really really good, GDX the miner etfs also obviously reacting with that but I’m not interested in trading these, I’m interested in trading the triple etfs (2x now). NUGT bought some orhs.
  • Some of these things which faded out of the gate starting to come back, like Oils and Gold names. Metals and Oils triggering, hm. XOP bought some orhs. XOP o&g etf now kinda fading a bit, but it does look very good. Had a big big nice move clean move, orderly pullback, went sideways and started building hls and now it’s trying to break out of a range. And a lot of individual oil stocks look like this also, stuff like MRO, all the o&g names look like this pretty much, that’s what you want to see in a good setup, doesn’t mean they will work but at least it’s a good setup, that gives you an edge.
  • LAZR is looking good, if it can go sideways today, if it can close like this today, could be a very good setup tomos.
  • Guys remember it’s a new year but the market is the same, the market will find ways to take your money that’s never gonna change bc the day changes, stick to your setups, stick to your rules, if you don’t have them, you need to study. Nothing has changed, the market doesn’t give a sh*t that there’s a new number in the calendar. If you do something reckless the market is gonna take your money, that will never change.
  • CGC and TLRY both have maybe setups, actually TLRY looks really good on the weekly.
  • FUBO, I think there could be a bounce setup here, but I think it’s either gonna be tomos or later in the day, rn I think it needs to start building some hls and reclaim vwap, there’s no reason to try to find the bottom on this. FUBO is trying to get above the vwap but still having trouble. Don’t try to predict anything this FUBO doesn’t have to bounce. The thing about parabolic shorts is they always come down, it’s just mathematics, they have to come down eventually, nothing goes straight up forever, but parabolic longs, things don’t have to bounce, sometimes things can go down 90% without a bounce. Do don’t get too enamored with this bounce idea, but if it prints a hammer on the 50day, yes, that could be a very good sign, but it doesn’t even have to stop at the 50day, so parabolic longs are a different game to parabolic shorts, they don’t really have to bounce the same way parabolic shorts can crash. Wait for really really tight entries, like either if we get a range on the 60min, a couple of green candles in a row then preferably a breakout of that range, or something like orhs tomos, very specific tight stop, again it’s all about the r/r.
  • BTBT yes it is getting there (parabolic) but rn it’s going straight up, but later in the day if it starts building lhs and gets below vwap stuff like that, but I would prefer if we go to 40 today and maybe get a short tomos, I’m not gonna look at it today, the crypto space is really hot rn and rules number one of parabolic shorting is don’t be too early. So I’m not gonna touch it today.
  • GBTC I’ve been in for 3months now, but I’ve been trading around it I’ve been adding, I’ve been selling, I’ve been buying, I have problems with patience, something I prob need to work on. It’s kinda funny, it feels I’m so inadequate as a trader, making so many mistakes, but on the other hand having a year like I had last year, I mean if I just removed a few mistakes I would have made over 1000%, but it still feels like I’m such an inadequate trader it’s kinda weird.
  • MGNI yeah the breakdown was here in like high 29s, that’s when it started breaking down, now it’s already down a lot. But yeah these types of stocks that are straight up, there’s a big edge in shorting the breakdowns, big big edge, but you gotta wait for the right time.
  • PINS bouncing off the 50day, that’s at least a good sign in the growth stock space, bc most of them have just been building lhs and fading over the past two weeks, so that’s a good sign.
  • You want to park money in ARKG for IRA? Why didn’t you do it back in Mar2020? Chasing the hottest funds after several years of outperformance is a very bad investment strategy, the hottest funds are usually gonna underperform, always happens, every market cycle, everyone starts chasing these ARK etfs now that they’ve had several years of outperformance, and especially this year and what’s gonna happen is that the avg investor is gonna underperform the etf itself, bc they chase in at the highs, or when it’s already up a lot. It’s also what happened with Peter Lynch back in the 80s, when he started getting famous a lot of money came into his fund, when he’s already been hot for a while, and those investors didn’t have as good returns as the fund itself, bc they bought in high. Every market cycle you get these funds that are super hot everyone’s talking about. You can take the hottest fund in any market cycle and if you look at the average investor in that fund they underperform that fund, bc what they do is buy high and sell low, you see it happen all the time. Like people are getting into TSLA now when it’s already straight up for a year over 1000%, this is a megacap up over 1000% in a year and a half and people get excited about it now, what you’re doing is chasing performance. And as a trader we do it all the time, it’s called momo trading, that’s literally what we do here, but for investing that’s not a good idea.
  • Same thing happened with Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC), a couple of years ago was the most traded stock in Europe, did fingerprint sensors for cellphones, that was a big thing 4/5years ago, and the stocks went up over 1000%, huge growth stock and most people got excited about it when it had already gone up a lot, so when the stock was down 20% from the highs, 80% of the investors in the stocks were red. It’s gonna happen with all of these things that are straight up, the same people that were skeptical about the market back in Mar/Apr2020 are now getting super excited.
  • ARKK so far these ARK etfs are holding the 20day, which is a good sign, if this can go sideways for a few more days or one more day, I’m actually thinking about going long this thing, bc it’s building a htf here, look at these hls, it has a range here. If it can go sideways a bit more could be a long candidate for me, it’s a nice liquid etf. ARKG also, rn I’m short this thing but it’s kinda building hls still, if it shapes up I could switch to the long side, I have no problem switching to the long side on this thing, but we’re not there yet. Losing the 20day now, couldn’t reclaim the 20day, now it’s on backside, see it got rejected on the 60min, the 65/20ema that have been acting as support are now acting as resistance, that’s called backside of a momo move.
  • Most years a big chunk of my money comes from sector momo, when you have these themes, every year there’s a few themes, some years more than others, if you can identify those you’re gonna make a lot of money. That’s what I’m always doing, if I see a new sector starting to move I start looking for other stocks in those sectors. Previously I’ve been nailing like the Crypto sector back in 2017 early 2018, the Weed sector couple years ago, also rn the crypto sector is really hot that’s why I bought this ANTE on Friday orhs, did get stopped out of it lods though but I got back in late day when it started building these hls. This CAN I bought a few days ago, these are very thin stocks but they all have the potential to 2/3/4x that’s why I keep buying these pos illiquid names, bc I know when a sector gets hot, these sh*tty small ones can go hundreds and hundreds of percent.
  • The best trades I had last year, and every year, all of my best trades I lost money on. Every single one of my best trades, I lost money on. They stopped me out and then they kept going lower, or if it was a short that stopped me out they kept going higher, and if I didn’t stop myself out I would have lost all my money.
  • If you’re a trader and you trade with no stops you’re gonna get run over, and if you’re randomly doing things, like randomly buying some dips, you’re gonna get run over, that’s what happens. That’s why you need specific setups, specific specific setups, nothing else is gonna help you, if you wanna trade you need specific setups. Otherwise you’re just gonna be another statistic, another guy that can’t beat the market or even make any money. The only thing that’s gonna save you is having specific setups.
  • HMNY, Sep2017, like 1000%, I started buying it this ep here [15/9/2017], it peaked at $30/40, it’s had some reverse splits, and then it had a perfect parabolic move, then gravity took over. I was in a hotel room in Chicago when I bought it, I still remember, my accounts had been going sideways for like 6months, I was kinda demoralised not making any money like I couldn’t get anything going, then this HMNY happened and started a big 6month run in my accounts, then after that all the crypto mania happened, then next 5/6months were insane. Remember the bad sh*t happens always when things are going really well, and the good things always happen when things are going bad, and you feel frustrated. So you should never get too bullish and never get too bearish on yourself, bc it can change at any moment. It doesn’t matter if everything is going really well or really bad, it can change on the next trade.
  • If you’re starting out trading, it’s a very hard thing becoming a successful trader, most people that I know are successful started trading when they were in their 20s some were in their 30s, and most of them were single and had no kids when they started out. But once you’re profitable it doesn’t matter bc you don’t have to put in the same effort, then it doesn’t matter if you have kids and family you can make it work anyways once you’re profitable, but when you’re starting out you better not have a lot of other commitments, bc it’s gonna be a very hard thing, trying to learn trading if you have kids, I wouldn’t have become a successful trader if I had kids when I started out no way. It’s not impossible, nothing is impossible but it’s exponentially harder. You need focus, the main thing, if you wanna excel at anything you need focus first and foremost. You don’t need intelligence, you don’t need the most information, you don’t need to be the most informed or the smartest person, what you need is focus.
  • You don’t need 10khours to become an expert, the hours themselves don’t do much, what you need is focussed effort. Just bc you’re doing something doesn’t make you better at it, you need to focus on getting better at it, that’s how you get better. You can become an expert in 1khours too if you really really push yourself, and you can still suck after 10khours. Deliberate practice, the hours themselves don’t mean anything, it’s deliberate practice that’s so important.
  • If you want to study about focussed effort and 10khours, you need to read the books of this guy, Anders K Ericsson. He studied like the top 0.01% in different types of fields and how did they become good at it. This goes for anything , if you want to get really good at anything it’s the same feedback loop, no matter if you wanna become a good trader, golfer, chess player, dart player, it’s the same feedback loop for anything and everything.


  • Pradeep is great, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Pradeep.
  • I want more female viewers, it’s like such a sausage fest here.
  • 1:33:30 Verma strategy chat.
  • 1:15:43 Very nice, I like. Exactly Borat.


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