257 [Brandi Love wishing me a Merry Christmas! Dec 30, 2020]

  • This is the type of market where you’re gonna get chopped up if you’re not careful, we’ve had straight up for 2months, I think the easy money for this run is over, I think we need time to either pullback or digest, if you keep buying every random breakout here you’re not gonna last long and that’s just how it is. You gotta realise where we are in the market cycle. We need to see a lot of stocks setting up again, rn there’s some random stuff here and there but nothing that really excites me at all, at all.
  • NXTD, could be a long today, bounced off the 10day, you know what I like this NXTD, it’s a coin name so it’s the hottest sector rn. BTC shows no sign of slowing down, and all the crypto related stocks are building hls all of them. Stopped out, that wick was me, sorry guys, but this is how it is, I was 45% of this candle.
  • TTD could bounce, it kinda stopped above the 50day and built a bit of a wick into close, that could be seen as a bullish candle but I’m not convinced. I’m gonna use the 10day as my trailing stop, it could bounce for 1/2days or something idk, but I think this thing could go lower, to the 100day. We’ll see, it’s unclear rn, I’m about 50% short 50% long.
  • JWN and KSS, when department store are pretty much the only stocks breaking out, idk it’s not a great sign, the setups themselves are good don’t get me wrong but I’d rather do nothing, I’d rather miss those two than get in a bunch of stuff I don’t like trading. Department stores are leading what can I say. China is also very strong, a lot of Chinese stocks breaking out, and commodity related names. We are seeing some rotation but I’m not gonna chase this rotation, I’d rather see more solid setups in stocks I’d like to trade.
  • SOXL breaking out, why are semis so strong? SOXL I tried it on the long side two days ago, I tried it on the short side yesterday, now I’m trying it on the long side again. Yesterday was a very bullish candle, it tried to breakdown below the 20day, built another hl and then it built this big wick, it is a momo sector showing big rs, and it has been basing, it actually has a decent base the semi conductor etf SMH.
  • You gotta take it on a stock by stock, sector by sector basis, this is really a market of stocks, you gotta be in the right things this is not a tide-lifts-all-boats type of a market anymore, gotta be super selective.
  • HVBTF bought some orhs.
  • BILI, man I had such a perfect entry my sells are always so bad, and look at this thing it hasn’t closed below the 10day. Here it undercut the 10day closed above [2/12/2020], here it undercut closed at it [24/12/2020], here it undercut built a hl [28/12/2020] technically did close below it but since it was a wick and was way above the previous day’s lows it was still intact. All I had to do was follow the 10day, guys you’re learning from me in real time, you cannot outsmart the 10day, you literally cannot do it consistently. Learn from me, you cannot outsmart it.
  • PLTR rn it’s in backside it’s below the 10/20day, needs to reclaim that looks like.
  • TIGR this is just in the middle of nowhere, where’s the range on this thing? Needs to have a range.
  • CLRB idk too random, it’s a microcap biotech, you don’t need to ever trade these things, just too sketchy all of them.
  • BEEM it just went sideways for two days, you short it now you’re gonna blow up sooner or later, this is a horrible idea. You either wait for a parabolic or you wait for backside, neither of these criteria are present rn, this thing could go straight to 100. Backside is when the MAs that were previously support become resistance, the 10/20/65ema on the 60min.
  • FCX I guess I shouldn’t have passed on it, I guess these are the stocks that are working rn, commodities and o&g, oh well, you can’t be in everything.
  • GLD looks great on the weekly, in a long flag, it’s been going sideways like 6months, last time it broke out of a flag had a 17% move, but if you look at stuff like NUGT was up 67%, JNUG was up 90% so yeah I’m stalking these triple miner etfs, gonna go long these if GLD breaks out. SLV already broke out.
  • PINS short some through lows.
  • EWZ did buy this yesterday, a lot of these stocks that are strong today are Brazil based stocks, stuff like PBR, VALE flagging is also a Brazil name. Emerging markets are commodity heavy markets so if commodities go, the emerging markets go, while the US for eg is Tech heavy.
  • OZON yeah looks pretty good, preferably can tighten up a little bit more, but it’s actually flagging here, like a little ipo base here, very thing stock but looks good, especially if it can tighten up a few days that would be a 5* setup.
  • NNDM it’s a dilution machine, but yeah there’s a lot of demand on this thing. This thing has had like 5/6 raises over the last 6months, if not more, it’s incredible. This is what it looks like NNDM, so in Q120 they had 4M shares outstanding, now they have 46M shares outstanding, so they’ve diluted by 1000%, if you bought it in Mar/Apr2020 you have been diluted pretty hard.


  • OMG who did this, this is so cool! Who was it, holy f*ck this so good no way, guys let’s watch it together, idc if my stream gets banned, we need to watch it together. I’m gonna send this to my gf, and mom.
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