214 [Snapchat great report! Earnings season is here! Oct 21, 2020]

  • WEI shorted some premarket, would like to add more. I shorted it premarket after it got unhalted. The thing is I saw it here over $8 in premarket, at least I thought it was premarket, I didn’t realise it had been halted since AH, so I located 200kshares, I thought this was gonna be a 1M trade, but then I realised it was halted, so I had a located for 37k on a stock that was halted, so when it got unhalted I shorted some, bc this thing is up on nothing, no news just a pump, and the company said they don’t even know why this stock is up. It’s gonna go back to 2/sub2, I’ll cover it Friday.
  • CELH looks good, getting tighter and tighter, it’s a nice long base, exactly what you want to see, next leg up gonna go to 30.
  • JKS is kinda ready for a potential short, would prefer this thing hits 95 or something but gonna try it small size. Shorted orls. Stopped out starter. What a reversal, looks like I got shaken out again, now I’m gonna watch for bounce and vwap fail for a potential re-entry for this thing. And now it’s fading, straight down, goddam I took an 82k loss on it.
  • SLV bought a starter yesterday, but GLD looks really good prob gonna do some of these gold names NUGT, JNUG. Bought some orhs. NUGT stopped me out and now it’s taking out hods, I guess I’ll have to get back in.
  • They’re starting to come for crypto names, bought some MARA and RIOT in ib account, longer term, yesterday. They closed weak but gapping up today, GBTC also, cryptos really starting to go, if we can get a real pump on these things could 2/3x. I looked up some cryptos BTC and ETH and they looked good, in big long flags, and today BTC is having a major day nice, ETH also kinda breakout of a range, building hls for a few months, look good.
  • CALX, really good earnings last report, this thing has some insanely good earnings holy sh*t [567/31 PE 36], those of you with smaller accounts you gotta stay on top of these things, these are the names that could double, just took out orhs.
  • LVGO added to position, looks great. This is a 5* setup it really is, such a good setup. Almost tempted adding TDOC too, nah it’s too late TDOC entry was sub 229.
  • SNAP, potential earnings setup but it’s kinda extended, had a run up into these numbers so idk. Should have bought it orhs.
  • Entries are easy, selling is the hardest part, like I had perfect entries on almost all the stocks I’m in rn, like perfect like you can’t get better entries, CRWD bought right here when it broke this range, LI, ZS, DDOG, NIO, BYND, you get the point, entries can be really perfect, entries are easy, selling is the hardest part, you can get shaken out, you can shake yourself out, you can get fakeouts, you can shake yourself out of things, selling is all over the place, that’s why the simpler sell rules you have the better.
  • ROKU, this is not a good entry just bc it’s showing rs, you need specific setups, if you want to make tens of millions you need specific low risk setups, not some random stock that’s up on the day.
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