213 [Solar stocks still the strongest. Oct 19, 2020]

  • SLV breaking out of this little range here, I am a little bit interested, it is flagging.
  • PENN, if it can’t find support right here very soon, gonna sell it, it needs to bounce here. Wow, I should have put a hard stop on it, now I’m using definitely lods, that was a bit irresponsible. Took a pretty decent loss on it, maybe should have sold it there on the bounce, I deserve it, should really have sold it when it gapped down.
  • TUP, wow this is a good setup, too late now but holy sh*t this is a good setup, triggered so fast, good looking setup. It’s up 9% in two mins, I would maybe try to get in high mid 23s, if it can dip a little bit, but I wouldn’t buy it here 24/24.50, it kinda skews the r/r, bc you would have to use a like 8% stop, that’s a too wide stop.
  • ZM is setting up as a great short in a few days hopefully, I hope it starts speeding up goes to 700 in a few days that would be great, trailing with the 10day now, unfortunately I sold a bit too many. ZM is reversing, I don’t like this kinda candle on a stock that is this extended.
  • NWBO, yeah short setup in a few days, but if it can extend to $3/4, that would be a good short setup.
  • SPWR, it is kinda breaking out on the 60min, but on the daily it’s still well below Friday’s highs, I would like it to go sideways a bit more. All the solars are breaking, sh*t don’t tell me they’re gonna go now, no I’m gonna have patience. Damn, I think they are gonna go, I had such nice size on them Friday, took some nice losses. Oh well you can’t catch them all.
  • DKNG, this is what sell rules are for, this is why I tell you guys trail with the 10day, look at this thing, straight down since. Bc every stock goes down eventually, your job is to make sure you’re not in it when it goes down.
  • LVGO looks really good, if it starts breaking out again, I’m gonna triple my size.
  • PTON, looks like this one’s fading again.
  • SE chart is intact, it undercut the 10day on Thur, closed strong, and Fri yes technically it did close below the 10day but it was still above the lows of the previous day, so it’s fine, you should still be in it.
  • W, it’s breaking out now, orhs was the entry, there is no resistance it’s breaking a range right now, if you wanna buy it over 312 probably gonna set yourself up for failure, that’s way too high, this is where it’s breaking rn, my entry is 306.64 orhs ish, you should buy it as soon as you see a breakout. The past month hasn’t been tight but this is tight, that’s the difference, you can clearly see the range here, incredibly tight, past month there wasn’t a setup here, now there is, maybe not a 5* setup but 4*.
  • FSLY, it’s right on the 100day, this is a key MA, we’ll see what happens here if it finds support or doesn’t. Same thing happened a couple of months ago, it was getting extended had a nice run, then it had a big gap down and kept selling for several days, and look what happened, it kept building a base over the next couple of months and then it had a nice breakout. Same thing could happen, could find support here around the 100day, set up in a couple of months again, but we’ll see too early to tell. This is how charts are built, you need to learn the language, how setups are built.
  • The waiting, that’s where the winners are made, those who win at this game are the ones who have the best ability to wait, and those who lose are the ones who think they need to do something all the time. And that’s the hardest thing to learn, the hardest thing to do, anyone can identify good setups and have perfect entries and follow the sell rules, but waiting for the really good setups, at the right time to buy stuff, that’s the hard part, that’s the hard part.
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