211 [Potential Hight Tight Flags forming in solar stocks. Oct 14, 2020]

  • NIO, this is what sell rules are for, it undercut the 10day, reclaimed, closed above it, and look at it now premarket, it’s up 11% premarket, this thing is on it’s way to 30, this is what sell rules are for, it built hls all the way, all the way, it didn’t violate any support levels, except briefly the 10day. This is why you should just follow the sell rules, bc they work most of the time. This here is a continuation breakout, but it’s gapping up too much, I wouldn’t chase it here.
  • PTON, it’s not extended enough, I want this thing to be under the 10ema on the 60min, I want this 10ema to start acting as resistance, or if this thing would start speeding up. It was a mistake shorting it yesterday I think, or I did too much size, the opportunity wasn’t that good.
  • TSLA I bought yesterday, it took out the previous day highs by a few pennies, then it pulled back a little bit and closed strong.
  • Do I ever look at SEC filings? Very rarely. You should be in stocks where you don’t have to worry about SEC filings.
  • JMIA, is exciting, they are starting to pump this thing, the fundamentals don’t really support it yet but the pump is coming in, and it’s not going away, it keeps coming back, so what I want I’m gonna wait for a flag on this thing, just like I did here [20/7/2020], so maybe next week or something we get a nice flag.
  • All you need to succeed on the long side is a bullmarket, this is not about being a genius or a rocket scientist, it’s just about exploiting a bullmarket, identify the trends, identify the strongest stocks, the stocks that institutions want to own, and you buy them on good setups with good risk management, and you do it over and over again.
  • Relative strength, well one, the stock goes up a lot in a short amount of time, two, the stock doesn’t go down much or not at all when the market goes down, that’s how you see. That’s why red days in the market are a blessing, a blessing, it’s the best thing that can happen, bc then you see which stocks are really in demand.
  • Backwatchlists. Wow ODEL, what a mover from when it starting breaking out [17/9/2020] after it bounced off the 200day. Wasn’t a clean setup but sometimes these types of momo stocks, they have a big run then go down a lot, then they kinda bounce off these major MAs and build a little bit of a base off 200day or 150day, and then they go back up, this is what happened to QDEL, actually went up 70%, that’s a big move. You can build setups around so many different things.
  • Losers are to be cut as soon as possible. If you hold losers you’re gonna be a loser in the stock market, that’s how it is, you only want to see green in your portfolio, you should have no tolerance for red numbers in your portfolio, and big tolerance for green numbers.


  • So you guys want me to add moderators in the discord?
  • Hey guys you wanna see pnl?
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