210 [So many strong sectors all around. Oct 13, 2020]

  • TSLA rebought it late day when it took out hods, but it immediately slammed lower into the close and I sold it, not really the type of close you want to see on a breakout attempt, so it would be better if it pulls back to the 20day, maybe reattempts this week or something, idk I just didn’t like the close at all.
  • SOXL short is a much better trade than SOXS long, much easier, I don’t like the reverse etfs they’re much harder to trade. SOXL took a starter orls, risking $4 to potentially make $40/50, same thing like yesterday, took a loss on it but risk was like $3/4, if this thing works out will make $40/50, that’s the name of the game, that’s how you can have a 25% winrate and still make a lot of money. Only have a 13kshares starter, would like to add more. Testing vwap, if it starts failing vwap then breaks some ranges to the downside later, would maybe add to it, but for now it built another hl on the daily, stopped above yesterday’s highs, I want to see weakness to add to this thing, gonna lower my stop on it. If it takes out lods would maybe add to it, but for now building a range here.
  • PTON, took a starter but kinda anticipated, should have waited for the first 1min candle. Stopped out, found support right on the 10ema on the 60min. Refilled lods, risk is less than $2 to potentially make $15/20 if it can pull back to the rising 20day, it’s all about r/r, small risk big reward, small risk big reward. Found support on the 10ema on the 60min, and now it’s about to take out high, stopped out lost 83k.
  • NVAX is breaking out, those of you that were awake bought it in the 113/114s, now you just follow the sell rules, broke out of a good setup, hot sector, MRNA broke out yesterday from a tight range, now it’s just a waiting game, put a hard stop, no need to look at it the rest of the day.
  • NIO, it’s so much easier just to wait till eod, there’s so much less noise, a lot of things can happen intraday, this NIO, rn it undercut the 10day, it could reverse and take out 22 in a couple of hours, I’ve seen it so many times, rn it’s just on the 65ema on the 60min, last time it bounced off it, could happen this time too, just chill out follow the sell rules. There’s a reason why you wait for eod, the first close below the 10day. There’s nothing wrong with NIO, it’s just consolidating a move, this chart is very constructive, why would you sell it just bc it hasn’t gone in a few days? This is how stocks move, like a stair.
  • A lot of you need to focus on patience, just bc you’re in a stock, the stock market doesn’t owe you anything, if you wanna be successful, you need some patience, stocks don’t always go straight up. If you don’t give time for stocks to move, you’re shooting yourself in the foot, follow the sell rules.
  • LVGO, I bought it here [25/9/2020], kinda anticipated, just showed extreme rs when it came out of the correction, so I kinda anticipated it.
  • Remember guys, you want to buy tightness, not looseness. Look at NVAX for eg, look at how tight this thing got, this is a good breakout [13/10/2020] that’s what you wanna see, SPOT also, look at how tight it looks before the breakout [12/10/2020], always remember if it isn’t tight, it’s not ready.
  • TCON, yesterday was a very good setup, good linear momo, clean pullback to the 20day, undercut reclaimed put in a tight range, it was a 5* setup yesterday.
  • It’s never a breakout if it’s below yesterday’s highs, at a minimum the stock needs to take out yesterday’s highs, that’s a good rule of thumb to follow.
  • It took me 6 years to make my first million, but it only took me a couple of months to make my second million, and another few months to make a third million.


  • In china and some other countries, it’s the other way round, red is when things are up and green is when things are down, pretty interesting. If you got to Chinese stock exchange, if you see a lot of green it means the market is down on the day. Red is the lucky colour of china, really?
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