203 [Leaders still leading? Does YOUR portfolio consist of leaders? Oct 2, 2020]

  • Ideally we get a bounce out of the gate, I don’t like the fact the SPYs are below the 50day but the QQQs are right on the 50day, but the most important thing is to see the leading stocks bouncing, and if they can’t bounce then maybe it’s time to size down on things, I’m heavily long and if we lose the 50day in the QQQs I will prob size down quite a bit, don’t wanna play with fire.
  • The market loves uncertainty, bull markets run on uncertainty, this move, do you think we had any certainty here when the QQQs went up 80%? Uncertainty is our friend, the more things to worry about the better.
  • TSLA got stopped out, but everything else acting really well. COMPQX way below yesterday’s lows but most of my stocks near yesterdays highs, that’s rs. That’s what your stocks should do, you stocks should be stronger than the market, then you know you’re in the right stocks, and if they’re not, then you’re probably in the wrong stocks.
  • It’s very hard to get out of the mindset, it’s very hard to tune out all opinions and news, but once you’re in the markets for a few years you’ll realise it’s all bs, no one knows anything, literally no one knows anything.
  • TWLO, looks exactly like CVNA did a couple of weeks back on this day [22/9/2020], there could have been an entry orhs if you’re a news type of trader, looks good, already on avg daily vol 18mins into trading day, will prob have a 10M candle today.
  • BBBY looks strong, had a breakout here, it’s just the same patterns over and over again, you have a trending stock, goes sideways pulls back, builds a range, builds hls, gets tighter, had a really tight range day, then it broke out on high volume. It’s the same patterns over and over again, you learn the patterns you’re gonna make a lot of money, but you need to put down the work man. You need to spend thousands and thousands of hours studying not only the setups but also the market conditions where the setups occur.
  • Battleground stocks are the best stocks, stuff like TSLA, GSX, I was too afraid to buy GSX, bc both Citron and Muddywaters were negative on it, and it’s a China stock, I was like it’s just not worth the risk, had a perfect breakout here [12/6/2020], had a perfect breakout here [2/7/2020], had a perfect breakout here [31/7/2020], I passed on all of those breakouts, I did short it here though [7/8/2020], you know these battleground stocks can be very very good. (Battleground stocks are where people are either very positive or very negative.)
  • WIX, it had a very good breakout yesterday, it’s showing some great rs today, it wouldn’t be crazy to buy it here, like if I felt underinvested I would maybe buy this thing today, I rarely buy on day2 on a dip but you can do it.
  • DDOG, 8/6/2020 had a perfect htf breakout, first and foremost you have to be able to identify that this is a 5* setup, if you can’t see that this is a 5* setup right here, you probably need to review thousands of hours of charts of winning stocks over the past couple of decades at least. Then you start, as soon as it starts breaking out of this range here, this high 73 area, just as it looks like it’s about to breakout, that’s when you buy it, as soon as you can identify this breakout, that’s when you buy it. This is one of the fastest growing stocks in the stock market rn and it was also one of the stocks with the highest momo, just look how clean it looks, built hls, doubled in a short amount of time, actually up 150%, pulled back a little bit, chopped around built a range, built hls, and as soon as the 20day caught up, boom that’s when you got the breakout. You’re gonna see that pattern a lot in the leading stocks.
  • O&G when it gets momo, which it does have every few years, I remember early 2016 o&g stocks were just insane, they’re kinda sluggish and sh*tty most of the time. Rn one of the sh*ttiest sectors. Guys I trade everything, I don’t care about the sector, I trade everything, as long as it has momo, as long as I see the setup, I trade it, I don’t care what it is, I can trade crypto, commodities, gold, silver, it doesn’t matter, it’s the same patterns, it’s the same mechanism. Pokemons, porn mags, yes I trade in everything.
  • NIU, looks better on the weekly, bounced off the 20weekly, it caught up with this flag, that’s when it broke out. You will see that on a lot of setups, when a stock makes a big move, once the 20day or in some cases the 20weekly, which would be the 100day on the daily, when it catches up, that’s when a stock breaks out.
  • The only good stocks are the ones that are gong up, as traders we only care about stocks that others want to buy, we want to be in the stocks that have the most interest, that’s our job. Our job is to own LAC over LTHM, bc LAC is the better stock, bc it has more momo.
  • Algorithmic trading, it’s hard, no matter how you do it, it’s hard, there are no shortcuts. Guys if you want to make tens of millions, do it the easy way, I just want to do everything as simple as possible. But if you do know code, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do algorithmic trading, but as a layman, I think it’s easier to do manual trading, just look for simple patterns. Stop losses, that’s as automated as I get, when I put a stop loss I feel like a quant, I feel smart, like a rocket scientist.
  • Why Solar is strong, bc it’s the hottest sector. The amount of investment going into renewable energies now around the world, it’s just insane. Think about it this way, Solar and Wind, those are gonna replace all the coal, all the o&g in the next couple of decades, that’s why the Solar etf (TAN) looks like this, and o&g etf (XOP) looks like this, that’s the reason for it, and why the coal etf looks like this (KOL). It’s just getting better and better, it’s getting cheaper and more effective. Yeah it’s an investment case but can also be a trade, but obv have to wait for setups.
  • I used to do a lot more market related reading, but nowadays not much, there’s not much new under the sun, I studied a lot of successful traders and investors, I read a lot of news before, I just try to pick the best parts from all the successful traders and then it’s just about applying those things, there’s just not many new things, like broad concepts, it’s the main broad concepts and it feels like there’s no reason now for a lot of outside reading, it’s more about applying the things I already know and doing it the best way I can.
  • Has there ever been such a strong market in the past 20years, lets find out. COMPQX monthly, so the Nasdaq put in a move of 82% from the march lows to two weeks ago, 6months, that’s 280% annualised. Lets look at the March lows 2009, that thing went up 90% annualised in like year or something, so yeah this might be the strongest market in 20years, last time we had such a big move in the Nasdaq was really like late ’98 to early ’99, went up 85% in four months, that was 1070% annualised, then looking early ’99 to early ’00 that was another 100% so 92% annualised. So yeah this is the strongest market move at least in the COMPQX in the past 20years.
  • There’s always something going up or down, but most stocks won’t have good setups, you need to trade off good setups, which means you’re gonna pass on most stocks, bc most stocks won’t fit your criteria.
  • Sell rules are there to help you be as consistent as possible, sell rules are your friend, not your enemy, you are your own enemy, having different sell rules all the time, you’re gonna be your own enemy, you need to have the same sell rules. The only thing you need to care about are setups, setups, setups, rules, sell rules, entry rules, position management, risk management.


  • Playboy Tupperware merger.
  • Loke is my first cat, I’ve had birds before, budgies, I’m too lazy to get a dog.
  • OnlyFans is back up, I’m gonna create an account, I’m gonna call it chart porn. Some of you have been requesting it for a while. NIO was a sexy breakout, that’s gonna be my first post on onlyfans.
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