201 [Lack of good setups again. Sep 30, 2020]

  • NIO what a homerun trade from yesterday, wish I’d done more shares, but was also very close to passing on it. Up almost 13% from entry, selling small piece.
  • VVPR looks decent, if it can put in another tight day today and maybe breakout tomos that would be nice, been relentlessly building hls.
  • MRNA looks intriguing, didn’t Trump mention on the debates, also had some news.
  • XPEV attempting an ipo breakout, very hot sector also.
  • INSM, 20 year old base? Doesn’t mean anything, it’s irrelevant, it’s not the same stock, what happened 20years ago is totally irrelevant. I don’t see anything here.
  • BLDP, it looks good on the weekly, on the daily looks like sh*t, but is in a big flag on the weekly, and it’s a hot sector, so if these PLUG, BE and all of these, if they all try to breakout at the same time, I may do some. Last time I bought a flag on it was back here [29/6/2020] and that was a really good trade, went up 50% in like 10 days.
  • Dividend stocks are stocks that used to be great, and now they’re not, if you invest in portfolios with dividend stocks you’re gonna underperform the market. Dividend stocks aren’t gonna help you if they pay a 2-3% dividend but they go down 50%, I’m not a fan of dividend investing, it’s underperformed the market for a long long time.
  • VSTO looks pretty decent, getting tighter here, it had a random breakout a couple weeks ago [22/9/2020] that failed bc the market, now it reset, and you know failed breakouts can be very valuable. It tried to breakout, failed, pulled back, but kept building hls, and now the setup is even better.
  • Look at the charts, and you will see, it’s the same patterns over and over again, nothing new under the sun, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does, all you need to do is focus on setups, doesn’t matter what anyone else says, none of those things matter, all you need to do is focus on setups, that’s it, and in 5/10years you’re gonna have more money than you know what to do with. No one knows anything, that’s why you focus on price action, and when you get a good setup, you buy it.
  • TSLA, tempted to do small, feels like this thing wants to go to like 600 by next week, just been building hls on the 60min. Did a small 1500share position, just in case, if I see a tighter setup gonna add more.
  • Markets are here to confuse most people most of the time, everyone looking for the markets to either go down or chop around into the election, what if we get a rally into the election, idk, no one saw this rally coming, then the market confused most people and we had a huge rally.


  • I use lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon. It’s great bc it has a built in 4g, so I can just flip up the screen and everything is right there, always connected. Also go for the matte ones, glossy is horrible in sunlight. The cheaper ones have horrible screens, always go for as bright screen as possible.
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