195 [Setups are here, but will the market help? Sep 22, 2020]

  • The amount of setups yesterday, wow, you can clearly see which stocks are strong and which are not.
  • CRWD had to rebuy yesterday, lost like 80k on it when it took out Friday lows, then it went straight up and started breaking out, took out Friday highs.
  • Bought some MDB coming out of a nice flag on the weekly, little bit choppier on the daily.
  • TSLA, bought it late day, then elon tweeted something and it gapped down, thankfully only half size, gonna use premarket lows as stop on it, either it catches a bid of doesn’t. Stopped out of starter TSLA from yesterday, lets see what they do with the battery day ah, if they reveal something revolutionary or not.
  • ZS, it’s been surfing the 20day and lately it’s been surfing the 50day, building hls, and here’s the range, classic triangle. These are the patterns you’re looking for all the time, triangles, on the leading stocks, this is how they move, very easy pattern.
  • BVXV, it had a potential setup two days ago, here was the setup [17/9/2020], today there’s nothing there.
  • You can’t look at MAs on TQQQ really, you have to look at QQQ, and Qs didn’t really bounce off the 100day, you can’t really TA the triple etf, you have to look at the main one, the unlevered one.
  • ROKU really strong, today still holding up really well, dipped a little bit, bounced off the 10ema and wants to take out yesterday’s highs, what a stock. I bought enormous size in my imaginary account 1min orhs, 166.81, 50kshares.
  • I don’t trust this bounce attempt at all, I do think we’re gonna test the 100day or even undercut it, the bounce yesterday was the worst thing that could’ve happened, but man there were so many strong stocks that broke out of ranges, just incredible, you can clearly see the stocks that really wanna go, as soon as the market pressure lifts they just float to the surface.
  • GME, bc of the short interest, I even have a note here back in early AUG, 90% of the float was short, everyone is expecting this thing to go bankrupt including me, so they’re piling in on the short side and, then there’s no float left and they can easily squeeze it, that’s what happens. This is what happens sometimes in heavily shorted stocks, they have these big big rallies, bc everyone shorts them and then they start panic covering and the stock goes up.
  • I caught this correction perfectly, I shorted TQQQ orls on this day here [3/9/2020], I also shorted it here [2/9/2020] but I stopped for b/e on it. And I also shorted a sh*t load of TSLA right here [1/9/2020] orls, and then late day I added, and I added orls this day also [2/9/2020]. So the first 4/5days of this correction I made a lot of money on the short side, probably made 2M between TQQQ and TSLA, also gave back like 500k on my longs that I was still long, but I guess I should have stayed short TQQQ still.
  • TSM, slow stock but yeah, still holding this range getting tighter and tighter, and now the 50day has caught up, I think next time it tries to breakout this 81.50/82 area I think it’s gonna succeed. It had a failed breakout [15/9/2020] bc the market tanked, and yeah still intact.
  • TRUP looks decent, look at how nicely it’s been surfing the 20day, they just can’t bring it below the 20day and now it’s getting tighter and holding up really well.
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