194 [Chop but a lot of stocks setting up! Sep 21, 2020]

  • TSLA showing some incredible rs, due to its battery day tomos. This thing is gapping up while the market is gapping down, kinda flagging on the 60min, I think they want to run this thing into tomos. Gonna watch this thing, may watch it through Friday’s highs and orhs for today. Bought 10kshares TSLA, this one has a catalyst. Stopped out, 66k loss on it.
  • BE, I missed it, was just so fast I missed it, had an alert set on it I was like eh, then suddenly it was at 16, then 16.50, I should have bought it, if it dips back to low 16s I might dip buy it, I rarely dip buy stuff but may make an exception for this one.
  • CRWD is gonna stop me out, why did I buy it? You shouldn’t buy breakout when the markets are tanking, and then rallying into the declining MAs, you shouldn’t buy breakouts when the 10day is below the 20day and sloping lower, and now the 20day is sloping lower, and the price is also below the 50day, this is really an avoid breakouts type of market. When the indices are sh*tty but you have some really really strong setups, worst market as a swingtrader, but so hard to navigate, kinda know you shouldn’t buy breakouts, but then there are these amazing ones, some of which work.
  • Want to see some panic, to get a nice tradable bottom, we need to see some panic.
  • FSLY, they’re really gonna do this to me? Okay I guess I have to buy half size over hods. I wanted to buy 50kshares on a dip, now I’m trying to buy 25kshares through hods but only got filled 6kshares. Straight up are you kidding me, I’m in 1/10th size. Got filled on pullback, have 25kshares now, just such a good setup, been building hls for two months, been going sideways for 3/4months, just breaking out on the weekly, gonna use kind of a wide stop.
  • These airlines look like sh*t man, these kind of breakdown setups here, they work, essentially big bear flags, SAVE, UAL, they could all go down 30/40% in the next couple of months, not my type of setup but they can work.
  • What explains the TUP move? Easy, momo. That’s it, all you need to know. Well, you’re laughing now, but wait until you’ve made tens of millions trading momo, well I guess you will be laughing then also, it is that easy, you don’t need to know anything else. Does it matter? It went up 85% from its breakout here, does it matter what drove the stock? Rev growth, eps growth, upcoming event, all you know is it had big big momo, had a nice setup, had a nice htf, and broke out and went higher. If you go to the store, if you bought that breakout and you wanna spend that money, I promise you no one is gonna ask you how you made that money, they’re not gonna reject your purchase if you told them hey I made this money trading momo, trust me on that one. I know it can be hard sometimes explaining moves, you can’t always find a specific catalyst, like TUP I have no idea, why isn’t this thing bankrupt yet, who the hell buys TUP, why’s this thing up 1800%? Idk, just pure momo, there’s really no fundamentals to explain this, they’re losing money, sh*tty margins, high debt, all that, it’s just a matter of time. Same thing with GME, it should already be bankrupt, they should just shut it down, but rn it has momo and if it has a good setup, I’ll buy it.
  • SPT, idk not really a momo leader, but if it breaks out of here on high volume, it could be a decent setup.
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