182 [Unstoppable market! Aug 26, 2020]

  • LTHM, it’s not a momo leader, it’s just a random stock that happens to be above to 10/20day, I know it’s a battery/ev pump, but it needs to be a momo leader.
  • WKHS had a secondary breakout, first breakout here [18/8/2020] and now it had a breakout again [25/8/2020], it could go if this thing goes it could easily go to like 25/30, very powerful stock.
  • TTD looks really good, made a big big move, been surfing the 20day the whole time for months and months, and now it’s going sideways and getting tighter and tighter. Bought some orhs. Added some TTD, have 7kshares now.
  • TSLA, relonged it yesterday after getting stopped out two days ago. Had been building hls on the 60min, then it had this tight range breakout, bought it right here 2013, looks like it’s gapping up.
  • SHOP bought a bunch orhs. Starting to reverse to the downside. Stopped out, and now it’s straight up, rebought.
  • So many things breaking out the past few days, it’s like a buffet, a never ending buffet. Have a solid portfolio, don’t think I’m gonna do much rest of the day, I’m fully fully invested, the breakouts from last week and before are having some really nice follow through, and now it’s all a waiting game, remember the money is not in the trading, it’s in the waiting. Trim and trail, that’s the name of the game now, sell small partials into strength, follow your sell rules. In a bull market there’s no reason to guess when a stock will stop going higher.
  • NCLH failing, all the airlines and cruiselines are, that rotation didn’t last long, they tried to rotate into the cruiselines and airlines but they always failed, and the software/internet names always prevail, kinda interesting.
  • DDOG, this is a tough one, it also had a setup here [13/8/2020] but these kind of setups are a bit tough this thing was below the 10day, 20day and 50day, I don’t think it’s a good setup here now. There’s so many other ones like PINS, SHOP, TTD, focus on the best ones, easier setups.
  • What I learned from Stockbee? Focus on the top momo stocks, also other things like you want to see tightness before a breakout, and linearity also, linear stocks something like SHOP, that keeps finding support on these major MAs, trades very smoothly, versus something like KR, that doesn’t trade smoothly, took me a long time to see the diff between those types of stocks, but it’s gonna be taken care of if you just focus on the top momo stocks.
  • AGQ, I’m stalking it, it’s a Silver etf, it looks good, I should probably buy some here I just don’t have the bp. It looks good, I should be buying it, oh man. Okay I bought some AGQ. It’s a triple etf of SLV, and SLV looks good, look how smooth this thing is, this is Silver, it trades like a smallcap stock, like a momo stock, surfing the 10/20day, pulled back, finding support on the rising 20day, undercut the 20day, reclaimed, this is super strong, incredible stuff.
  • Evernote database building. For example we go to stocks, there is thousands of them. Breakouts I have different types, I have them sorted by year, sometimes I have them sorted by theme, it’s not super organised. Or like gappers (ep), earning gappers, these I have organised by ticker not by year. Then there are other type of gappers like biotech and different types of news. Then SPF stocks, these are just stocks that made big moves. It’s not rocket science, you’ll figure out what works for you.
  • Just bc a stock is going up doesn’t mean it had a good setup, there’s a lot of stocks that go up without showing good setups. Like NIO had a setup here [17/8/2020], I would have preferred a few more days of sideways, but this is when it broke out. But where’s the breakout here, I just don’t see any good setup here.
  • ROKU looks decent, this thing is breaking out on news. The setup going into this wasn’t really good, but anytime you get a nice rangebreak on a momo stock on news, that could be an alternative setup.
  • HUBS is not a good setup here, it’s just one of those stocks that’s too choppy, this whole run, this thing has just tripled, and there was not a single good setup on it. There was a potential setup here but it stopped you out the next day, some stocks are just too hard, some stocks are just not meant to be traded. Same thing with NOW, I’ve been stalking this thing for years but it pretty much never has a good setup, some stocks are like that. Then you have stocks like TSLA, AMD, NVDA, they just give you setups over and over again.
  • BIGC, going to stalk it as a short starting tomos, it’s up 95% in four sessions.
  • When talking 3-5days do you count the entry day? Yes I do.
  • You can trade bearflags, but I don’t really trade that much during a bear market, there will be fewer trades, shorter trades. Bear markets are tough, there are fewer things that make big moves, they’re also tougher shorting bc you don’t have as many good setups, the best shorts you get in a bull market. Bear markets are normally more correlated. In a bull market like we have now there are stocks making enormous moves even though the indices may not necc make big moves at all, in a bear market everything is much more correlated, so it’s much harder to trade individual stocks. Yeah triple etfs and stuff like that, but the opportunity set is much slimmer.
  • SRNE is a total pump, you know the company is total sh*t, anytime you see the ceo gets into a fight with short sellers, you just know it’s a piece of sh*t.


  • Stock market is the greatest game of them all, it’s the biggest mmo rpg out there.
  • When talking 3-5days do you count the entry day? Yes I do.
  • I’m gonna create a discord for you guys.
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