181 [Apple and Tesla starting to go parabolic. Aug 24, 2020]

  • Earnings season is over, so now we’re back to a slower period I guess, not much in terms of gappers just some random microcaps.
  • AAPL up 60B in mcap premarket, has an ADR of 4.8%, that’s insane, usually around 2-2.5% past few years, now it’s at 4, that’s pretty high for a 2T company, the higher these things go the better.
  • Two shorts I’m really excited about, TSLA once it starts going lower, either when it makes a true parabolic (rn it’s just grinding higher) or when it shows backside, when these 10/20ema start acting as resistance instead of support, and start turning down, before those two scenarios there’s no reason to short it at all.
  • Also OSTK but same, needs true parabolic or a start to backside. OSTK shorted some, breaking lods, it’s kinda getting below the 20ema, now the 20/10ema kinda maybe starting to act like resistance instead of support, combined with the lhs on the 60min. I think this thing could reasonably go down 30/40% over the next few weeks, it’s etb, I wanna be in this thing. I did a starter [16kshares], may add more later.
  • KIRK, yeah these kinda stocks when they double/triple in a very short amount of time, after a certain point you’ve gotta be moving your stop a bit faster than the 10day, you can maybe use the lows of this day here.
  • ISRG, this thing looks insane, very low ADR but very clean looking flag.
  • STMP looks great, just too thin for me to trade. 5* setup.
  • RKT, wow, this is why you need to sometimes, I didn’t even trade this thing off the daily, I traded this off the 60min, but IPOs trade a little bit differently, their base is usually a bit shorter etc. Think I bought it high 19s, 50% in 4 sessions that’s a big move. I’m long, but looks like an intriguing short setup, hopefully it can hold up tomos and we get a setup tomos, that would be ideal. Raising stop, this thing is 25% above the 10day, always gets a bit scary when the stock is so extended, but also NVAX was 20% above it’s 10day when I sold it and then it more than doubled so idk, sometimes the most extended stocks, they are the ones that make the biggest moves.
  • Only really watching CCL and NCLH, gonna go half size on both, not really super excited about the beaten down cruise lines when so many strong stocks are acting well, but they could make a move. I should buy one of these, okay bought 100kshares of NCLH [10:07am], couldn’t resist, I need to be there, incase this rotation sticks I wanna have some exposure. I chased a little bit, correct entry would have been here very low 16s.
  • Gonna short TQQQ orls, shorted 26kshares, just incase we get a tech pullback, but looks like I’m gonna get stopped out. Okay that was a fast trade (stopped out, 15:36), quick 18k loss, the higher it goes in a straight line the better, the better the setup is gonna be in all these tech names. TQQQ starting to fade a little bit, gonna do orls again, okay short 26kshares again. Have a feeling I’m gonna get stopped out, gonna lower my stop a little, it shouldn’t really bounce back that high.
  • NIO it’s a sloppy stock, there was a potential setup here [17/8/2020], but needs to get tighter guys, you know what we want to see before a breakout, we want to see a rangebreak, preferably with tightness, but if there’s no tightness before the rangebreak, we want to get a really good rangebreak. NIO has none of that, where’s the rangebreak, where’s the tightness?
  • BILI, wow guess it’s time to sell some here. BILI I bought right here [17/8/2020] correct entry on BILI 42.87, right here when it broke highs of this 60min candle that’s where I bought it, unfortunately I didn’t do much size.
  • AYX gonna break a bearflag, I don’t really trade bearflags much, but it’s a potential bearflag. This is the exact opposite of what we trade, makes a big move down, goes sideways, builds lhs, get’s tighter, and then it breaks below that.
  • GNMK, bearflag, yeah it depends on where they break, a lot of these bullflags can also be bearflags if they break down.
  • QDEL is another flag I’m watching that could resolve to the downside, rn it’s building hls but could resolve to the downside.
  • Omg TSLA wow, now let’s see if it can hold the rising 20ema. So far it’s finding support on the rising 20ema on the 60min, what I wanna see is how it act’s at vwap, if TSLA starts losing vwap, I may well my long and reverse to the short side. You know what if it loses this 60min candle, 1965, I’m gonna sell my whole position and I’m gonna go short, take a starter short, but only if it takes out that low.
  • HUYA starting to take out hods, maybe I should buy more looks really good, it’s been building relentlessly hls, and Friday had a tight tight day off the rising 20day. This DOYU looks similar, but much thinner name.
  • VIR just selling, I’ve been in this thing for two months it hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s a little bit over 1% of my total equity so it’s a total meaningless position, I’m just tired of seeing it in my accounts, I wanna be in stocks that move, not stocks that don’t move. You compound your money by being in stuff that moves.
  • The 60min I usually use to get a higher resolution, and also on big momo names I use the 10/20ema, but I usually use them for shorting, like I wanna see them starting to act as a resistance vs being support.
  • GBTC setting up, it’s flagging nicely, surfing the 10/20day and now the 20day has almost caught up, it has a range here kinda. I barely sold any shares since I bought it here in the high 11s, I had 60kshares I’ve only sold 2500, I think this thing could 2/3x from here, if crypto really gets hot again I think this thing could go crazy, I’m looking to add, if I can double my position that would be awesome.
  • Longs, you know can go up hundreds and hundreds of percent and you really don’t know when they’re gonna stop, so you need to have some kinda trailing stop, but shorts, if you’re shorting something, like it’s very unlikely to go down more than 40/50/60% in a reasonable amount of time, let’s just say a few weeks, so every time it goes down 5/10% you gotta take a piece off.


  • I was interviewed by the wsj on friday, for 40mins. All I had to do to get into the wsj was trade in my underwear, lose 1.5M and post it on twitter, boom, you wanna get famous you know the template.
  • Exactly, instead of turtle traders you’re all gonna be moms basement traders.
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