179 [A few good setups… but will they follow through?? Aug 20, 2020]

  • DKNG, wanna see what they do after this tiny gap down, if it can bounce I’ll keep it, if it doesn’t start bouncing very soon I’ll just sell it, bc it’s starting to fade back into the range. Gapped down and immediately buyers came in, exactly what I wanted to see.
  • TSLA, gapping down a bit but still kinda tight, probably gonna size down if it takes out yesterday’s lows.
  • RKT gapping up, gonna sell a little premarket. IPO breakout, this is one I traded more on the 60min chart. Had a big big pop out of the IPO pricing day, pulled back, started building hls, then took out this range, I bought it high 19s.
  • TI, trend intensity, it’s from stockbee, it pretty much shows the 3 month momo. I think it’s how many percent the 7day MA is above the 65day MA, something like that, I really don’t use it.
  • Positive earnings but the stock is down, well I have bad news for you, stock market is not that easy, good doesn’t equal up and bad doesn’t equal down. Sometimes bad means up and good means down.
  • FLGT, yeah it can go, been relentlessly building hls, I would prefer more sideways, but these high ADR stocks they usually go a bit faster, it can work. This thing has insane earnings too, triple digit earnings and rev growth, that’s a good sign.
  • FSLY, the reason I like this as a long setup, it’s a top momo stock that found support on the rising 50day and now it’s building hls, but on the other hand if it breaks below this flag could also be a short, depends on which way it breaks, bc it has so much range, this this breaks out could easily run up 30/40%, if it breaks down could easily break down 20/30%. Ah breaking out here, too bad this FSLY gapped down, put in a big wide candle here, I don’t like that.
  • GRWG there is no setup here, I wanted this thing 25+, it needs to get overextended. This thing has no reason to go down, it’s one of the fastest earnings growers, it’s only a double, this thing has no reason to go down. This is not one of those momo pumps robinhooders run up, this thing has real earnings growth. It needs to get really really overextended for me to even consider shorting.
  • ZM is going higher but it broke out of a megaphone, this is the exact opposite of what you wanna see, you want tightness before a breakout, not loose action.
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