177 [Maybe becoming an activist investor. Aug 18, 2020]

  • SE this is annoying when it happens, triggered yesterday, may buy it anyway. Could easily trigger then pullback, if I’m gonna trade it will do smaller size. Bought some. Going to stop me out, damn the entry was yesterday, couldn’t it have just broke out on earnings yesterday. Back near highs.
  • CVAC gapping down, I covered it yesterday, didn’t want to hold it overnight bc had a strong close. Should have stayed short I guess.
  • TSLA sold 100shares yesterday and another 100shares premarket, couldn’t resist it’s a big move, I’m up 25% on it, sold tiny so far just over 10%. Going down, well it’s kind of extended, there was a daytrading short in this thing, but I’m long and strong, I think it’s gonna go 2000+, if not I’ll get stopped out no biggie, I’m trailing the 10day.
  • Everything triggered out of the gate, but it’s all about finding the best quality setups. So many, just trying to get into some of the more liquid names.
  • TWLO bought 16kshares, decent setup. Stopped out 70k loss.
  • W added a bit. CVNA like W, these things just don’t want to go down.
  • TDOC, I had the trade on this day here [13/8/2020], I had the trade it just had to go down and stop me out, so f annoying.
  • AMZN looks amazing, very slow moving stock but this is like a 5* setup. Slow but strong. This is what a 5* setup looks like, this is a htf.
  • Doubled PINS position to 60kshares. PINS, stopped out adds, huge slippage, got filled as low as 35.18, this is me, I created this candle, SPG that’s me, this is what happens when you trade size.
  • The NYSE stocks are frauds, they should shut down the NYSE move everything to Nasdaq, defund the NYSE. I don’t even have that big of an account, imagine trading with 100s of millions, how the hell am I gonna trade, when I get to 100M, gonna be so hard to trade, so hard. Yeah 100M, no reason to trade, just invest, gonna be impossible to swing trade, but I guess like position trading off the weekly, that’s what I’d have to do, focus on these very liquid higher priced names, it’s impossible to trade off the daily with that much money. My tradable universe rn is just so small, like 100/150 stocks, and actually less bc I’m using too low volume criteria for my scans (80M).
  • NVAX took short, got stopped out, then reshorted when it took out the lows. Having some nice followthrough, forgot to add to it, was a good add spot when it bounced and failed at vwap twice.
  • JD selling some here. This is my biggest position, raised stop to yesterdays low, that second pullback low.
  • Got some strength out of the gate and now it weakens, the worst thing that can happen in a bullmarket is you get a strong open, the best thing is where you get a weak open, you don’t have to deal with these manic buyers and these gap ups. QQQs keep pulling back to the 20day and now, we’re already really extended, it’s a tough swingtrading market, once you start getting good setups, that’s when the QQQs ready to pullback again, that’s why it’s kinda hard to swingtrade when the market has been going up up up for months, it’s much easier when you get a pullback to this rising support (20/50/100day), that’s much easier bc usually you get a lot of follow through. It’s been like this for over a month, there are selective names that have been working really nicely but, like today we got a lot of good triggers but a lot of them faded.
  • I think sterling is good, I don’t really care about any functionality. The only thing I care about is fast and stable, and easy to use, the fewer functions the better. The less functionality the better, the more functionality the less money you’re gonna make. There’s an inverse correlation.
  • CALX, this is 5*, it’s also a huge earnings winner, big beat and everything, this is 5+, this thing breaks out it’s gonna go to like 30. Also had a good setup here, and here.
  • IZEA, it’s just a microcap pump stock, but it is setting up, if it breaks out in the next few days, like it had a pop, pulled back, it’s a former runner, but it’s more like if it prs or something like that, if someone starts pumping it, like this thing has no natural order flow. There’s two types of stocks, you have these microcaps and nanocaps and generally these sub $5 stocks, these things they go when they’re getting pumped, there’s no funds or institutions buying these things, this is all retail. While something like SHOP, this is like funds buying everything, this thing dips it has a reason to go up, it’s not getting pumped on twitter, it’s too big to get pumped. Every time it dips the institutions start to accumulate, that’s why you get these higher lows, like TWTR, it’s just surfing, building these hls, it’s getting accumulated. So if you get a setup you get a setup, but you have to understand there are two different types of stocks, then you get some stocks that are a combination, but I generally prefer these stocks that are institutional buying. Something like PTON, you can clearly see, this is the footprint institutions leave, every time this stock pulls back it starts building hls, bc there is so many buyers in this thing, they just don’t let the stock breakdown.
  • TUP still building here, couple of days will be a 5* setup.
  • TUP research. Imagine putting Tupperware consultant in your Twitter Bio. If they started throwing dildo parties, It’s a ten bagger. I’m gonna become an activist investor, buy a stake it in, overthrow the management and launch a new product line. TUP is gonna sell dildos made from recycled dildos, gonna be the most eco friendly dildos ever. Solar powered dildos. It feels like 90% of their customer base are gonna die a natural death within the next 10/15years, they really need to come up with something new. Solely double digit revenue decline, this company’s in trouble, just in the past 3 years this thing was down 97%, rebounded 600%, but it’s still down 80%. This was a highly shorted name back in 2016, now look at it.
  • ZM, this is a megaphone pattern, this is the opposite of what we’re looking for, we want to see something like this [tightening range], not something like this [loosening range]. Maybe next week, if it can go sideways, pullback to the 10/20day maybe another week or so, they report two Monday’s from now. But this thing just undercut the 50day and right back to new highs, that’s a sign of strength, but to get a new setup we need tightness, it needs to go sideways.
  • BE, this is really working, it popped went straight up, pulled back a little bit, found support on the rising 65ema on the 60min and the 10day, now it’s having another leg higher. This is how stocks move, they pop, pullback/go sideways, have another leg higher, pullback go sideways, it’s just normal action. Just bc you buy a stock doesn’t mean it has to go straight up without any pullbacks, this is normal price action.
  • There is no reason to put stocks on a blacklist. There is nothing wrong with TWTR, it’s still intact, okay it’s not as tight now as it was coming into the day, but it still looks really good. And when you have a couple of failed breakouts, and the stock goes sideways and builds hls, the setup just gets stronger, it makes no sense putting something that increases its odds of success on a blacklist. It’s like when I bought LVGO back here, this was like a 6* setup on a 5* scale, this was like a really good setup, I bought got stopped out, then it reset kept building hls, kept building a better base, then here again failed breakout, then you got the break breakout, after it kept getting tighter and tighter. Makes no sense putting this thing on a blacklist after a couple of failed breakouts, setup just got stronger, the stock doesn’t care that you got frustrated with it, have to take the setups as they come.
  • I need to support myself, I’m gonna get an onlyfans page, I’m only gonna post pictures of sexy setups, it’s gonna be chart porn. Everyday I’m gonna put my pnl on onlyfans, you gotta pay for quality.
  • Buy my phone number, you can pay in bitcoin but it has to be equivalent to this, 40k, or half the red blood cells in your body.


  • MM there’s something wrong with MM, something is off, the guy has been trading since the 80s, he’s one of these market wizards, he should be worth a couple hundred million at least, and then he’s pumping these pos microcap stock to his followers, something is just very off. There’s a lot of people like that on twitter, they claim to be these extreme returns and yet they have these sub services, something is off, something is very off. I do recommend his books though, having said that I do recommend both trading books, I think they’re great. How he has not managed to make money off his own method idk, Idk why he needs to pump illiquid stocks on twitter, or at least his paid service, I can’t figure it out, maybe I should ask him, I’ll prob get insta-blocked. He advertises non stop it’s disgusting, he’s figured out there’s a lot of clueless people out there and they’re gonna pay anything bc they’re desperate. I could do that too but I just don’t give a sh*t, I’m not that desperate to make money, bc I already make a lot of money from my trading, but there’s always that back up plan.
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