17 [Gold and silver breaking out! Nailed it perfectly. Oct 25, 2019]

  • TAL yday was one exciting stock but I did not buy it, really good growth, good estimate, coming out of a nice chart pattern on big volume, this is exactly what I’m looking for.
  • MNK holding up well, bounced off its 50day, now the 50day line which has been acting as resistance for over a year is now acting as support, that’s a good character change.
  • USLV god this is great, I got stopped out of it yday then I rebought it, today it’s gapping up 8%, I sold a little bit premarket.
  • NUGT adding some, if you look at GLD it’s just coming out of this range I think this thing could keep going. Interesting, GLD took out lods, that’s actually a great sign for these etfs that they are stronger, showing rs.
  • LRCX technicals are really strong, more of a slower type of stock but looks great, one of the strongest stocks in the market rn, question is if this is a good buy point, yeah they had neg earnings for the past year but it’s kind of a turnaround next Q gonna start having pos growth, that’s why it’s been so strong the market is forward looking. But I bought MU, not as technically strong but expected to grow 97% next year, LRCX only 23%.
  • TSLA I lost about 20k trying to short yday, was very choppy, I got stopped out pm then lost another 11k during the day bc when it looked like it was topping out below the vwap then it kinda went straight back up again. It’s holding up great this is a very bullish candle, I prob shouldn’t have shorted it. This area has been a big res and sup area, and now it’s above this area, no reason it can’t go to 420. TSLA yday is a good example of how I daytraded when I had a smaller account, when it started failing intraday put in lhs, held below vwap that was a perfect example, find these liquid stocks with big range intraday and then look for intraday shorting opps, you can have relatively tight stops and get decent r/r trades, and I would have covered into weakness not tried to go for a homerun.
  • If you have a small account or even tiny account I would say go for singles, take the singles and try to be as consistent as you can, try to avoid drawdowns, the more bored you are the better, when things start getting exciting that’s when you take a step back bc that’s when things get dangerous, you should be bored out of your mind. Try to find stocks with big ADR preferably liquid, then try to find areas to go long or short. My fav ones are the ones up/down 3/4days in a row, mean reversion trades those were my favourite ones. A perfect example would be CRWD a couple of weeks ago, was up 3days in a row running into declining resistance, then on this 4th day found weakness, put in lhs then it faded. And on this day here it had a big up day after being down multiple days in a row.
  • APOP this thing was up from 1.60 to 4 in 2sessions, then near the open had a little bit of a flag pattern here and when it failed that was the short signal, there was a second entry here big bearflag below vwap with lhs, then it lost that went down a lot. These kind of stocks I used to trade all the time when I was a daytrader.
  • TEVA may be a secondary entry coming up, kinda building a rounded bottom here, little bit of a flag forming off the lows, has a range break here could be a secondary entry if it breaks out of this range in the next few sessions.
  • INTC coming out of a long range, very choppy stock but overall 2year bullflag, looks cleaner on the weekly, actually the ’97-98 flag looks almost identical to the 2017-2019 flag, kinda interesting.
  • You can’t manage your emotions, I think people who think you should manage your emotions are full of sh*t, you should just accept your emotions, this is why I overtrade, sometimes I just put on trades I know they’re not optimal but I do it smaller size just to get my fix, and it helps, I learned to accept that, I need to make small donations to the market to avoid bigger losses later on, so I do small stupid things on purpose to avoid doing big stupid things later. I need to get my trading fix, and these emotions like FOMO and whatever they will never go away, they’re always gonna be there, that’s why I play wow to take my mind off trading.
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