162 [Will there be a million dollar opportunity this week? Jul 27, 2020]

  • Oh damn GBTC having a big gap up now, took a loss on it thur/fri shook me out, gonna rebuy today. Bought 45kshares [5min orh], trying to get in more. Forget about GBTC chart, this thing is a BTC etf, so BTC chart what you should be concerned about. Look at this thing, BTC is breaking out of a multi year range, looks great, could go up another 50% easily from here, which means GBTC could go up another 50%, or even 100% before premium gets built in, which always happens when this thing gets momo.
  • EMAN bought some premarket, they got a huge contract on friday, I had the opp to buy it 1.10 area, didn’t take it, so I bought in 1.20s premarket instead. In this market you see these penny names double/triple in a day, why can’t this thing double, go to $2. It’s a legit govt contract.
  • Gold and Silver going crazy, unfortunately I’m not on that train. I was on JNUG a month ago, got stopped out, was very close to buying in 130 area when it broke out of this mini flag but unfortunately I didn’t rebuy.
  • AAPL gapped up into declining 20ema on 60min, looks like it’s fading off that level. Shaping up, so far it looks like may have bounced off the rising 50day without even touching it, that would be a sign of strength, but could very easily get rejected off the 10day/65ema so that’s what I’m looking for. Now looks like it got rejected on the 20day, 20day was acting as support, then it broke below it, bounced, and now it’s acting as a resistance, something to keep an eye on. You know I’m just always constantly looking for signs the leading stocks are giving us. You’ve gotta constantly listen what is the market telling you, what are the leading stocks telling you? They’re constantly giving off clues, and sometimes it can be hard to understand what it all means but if you get enough clues, you’ll get conviction. Yes I’m the chart detective. It’s not about the charts, it’s about the money flow, where is the money flowing, and charts is one way to tell it, charts is the way we see where the money is flowing.
  • TSLA fading off open, didn’t add orls because have a big big position on it from friday, probably not gonna add to it until see a really good setup on the 60min. Strengthening here, held the 60min range 1414 area. Bounced off the 20day for now, more interested to see how it acts in the 1500 area, sizing down on short.
  • CCL shorted a bunch (115kshares), finally starting to break lower., may add more if it follows through. These cruiselines are continually building lhs, getting tighter and tighter testing these breakdown levels, sooner or later something has to give. Don’t generally trade breakdowns but doing a little here. Also took starter SPG. Really strong, totally reclaimed. Good covers, that’s what stops are for.
  • BA about to take out lows, this thing is showing rw, and it’s just breaking down below a big big multi month bear flag, losing the 50day, this thing is weak, just shorted 15kshares. They’ve had a lot of bad news flow and things are just not getting better for these guys. Just constantly bad news flow, and they’re building lhs for a month, it could have 20/30% fade. May not be smooth, but this thing is showing rw, SPYs are up QQQs are up, BA is fading hard. If the market weakens this thing will be even weaker than it is now.
  • NKLA could be an orhs entry, looks like it could bounce.
  • RIOT bought some orhs [40kshares], cryptos are getting really hot. May add some MARA if it takes out highs later, bought 100kshares MARA. These things had huge runs back in 2017, if we get another hot crypto market these things could really really go. These things are getting big vol, I could have done more size relative to the vol.
  • VMD, too thin for me but actually looks like a very good flag. Been riding the 20day, up 300% in the past 4months, now it’s getting tight, been building hls.
  • PDD may have bounced off the 50day also friday, these China internet stocks, both PDD and BILI, obv more pullback than breakout setups, but those setups can work if you have like a longer timeframe. Most of the leading stocks holding up really well, if the market closes like this today a lot of these growth stocks may have good long setups tomos, idk if there’s gonna be a lot of follow through, but they do look good, a lot of them have htf type of patterns. JD bounced off 50day also friday, leading China stocks, but JD actually close to a breakout where PDD and BILI are not, may go long if it takes out hods. Bought 40kshares JD.
  • RH had a great breakout here on 1/7/2020 where I bought it, unfortunately I grew tired of it, I don’t think here now is a good secondary entry. Breakout was here, bounced perfectly off the 20day, then it kinda went sideways for a while, now it’s going.
  • LAC actually broke out on this day here [30/6/2020] I missed that entry but I bought it here [20/7/2020], today is not a buy it’s just a continuation breakout, you’ve gotta catch these things early guys.
  • PTON super tight. Bought a starter [1/2].
  • VXRT gapped below this rising 20day, tried to reclaim now it got rejected, lowering stop, still have a few shares left in case it goes sub 9.
  • CALX, may21st, wow that’s a big big beat, holy sh*t the guidance, wish it had more volume too thin for me. Has some serious guidance numbers, interesting. Just wait for a flag or something to develop.
  • ABUS looks like it’s fading again, that could have been a 500k trade, I did too little size and apparently covered too early too, I missed this late day flush completely.
  • DAO, some kinda china name, has accelerating rev growth look at this thing. When it ipo’d had rev growth 62% [jun19] then it had 91% [sep19], then it had a little deceleration [76% dec19], now it had a huge acceleration [128% mar20]. China online education stock, probably a fraud but who knows. Very thin though. The only legit names are TAL, this thing is a huge winner, up from a dollar to $77 in the past 8years, this is a leading China education name, then you have EDU, big laggard compared to TAL but seems to be legit. DAO is a spin off from NTES, okay then it may be legit.
  • CX having a nice little breakout, beaten down very low priced name, it is kind of a momo leader, thing is up 50/60% in the past 3 months, not a smallcap is actually a midcap, but it’s ADR that’s why vol is so low.
  • Buying breakouts, it depends, but unless it stops you out, shouldn’t be concerned. It’s all about the close, if it closes weak on day1, that’s obv not very good, but sometimes if you buy a breakout, stops can have big pullbacks intraday, they can almost stop you out but they don’t. SHOP for eg, on this day here [15/6/2020] where it had this big big breakout day, I got stopped in 790s or so, then it just reversed, went straight down wasn’t far from stopping me out, then it closed well hods, then it kept going for several weeks. Unless it closes weak or stops you out, you shouldn’t be worried, just let stocks do their thing, they don’t always go straight up. Once you get away from the intraday moves, you’re gonna make the big money. It’s hard to retrain your brain from having a short term focus to having a little bit longer term focus.
  • UMC, 5g theme stock, they actually have very good earning estimates, but too thin for me. It’s a taiwanese stock, it’s 4.5Bcap but it’s just very thin, that’s the problem many times with foreign stocks, they’re not as liquid as they would be if they were US stocks.


  • When I asked if you want to assist me in a suicide everyone said yes, but you guys don’t want to see me in yoga pants, wth is wrong with you guys?
  • It’s not about the charts, it’s about the money flow, and charts is one way to tell. Charts are the way we see where the money is flowing.
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