151 [Tech and software stocks in melt-up mode! Millionaire minting market. Jul 9, 2020]

  • NIO yesterday, shorted [50kshares] first red 5min candle in high 14.70s, then got stopped out, reshorted [70kshares] when it failed at vwap, then when it failed vwap one more time and started taking out lods, added another 50kshares, then added more when it took out lods, then it was straight up flush. Covered bunch into flush and some into close, but kept 80kshares overnight. Added 50kshares [1min orls]. Stopped out of adds. Still watching to add back but it need to get back towards vwap again. Reshorted a bit NIO, not as much size bc I didn’t think it was as clean of a setup, I like orls setups more, but I added back 30kshares. Watching low of current 60min candle for potential re add.
  • ROKU coming out of a huge huge range on the weekly, bought 12kshares orhs. Looks exactly like SQ did a couple of months ago on the weekly. This thing is just taking out a year long range, and also it just had some very good news flow lately. This thing is a hated stock, lots of people are very skeptical about their business model, but they just keep executing, and now it’s just breaking out of a long range after building hls and from this tight consolidation in the short term. But on the weekly, this this is taking out a long range, looks beautiful.
  • TSLA had an insanely big short yday 4kshares, covered some into flush then covered into close bc closed very strong, this thing looks like it wants to go higher. Added a bit more [1100shares], taking out orls. Rejecting off the vwap.
  • DSS, man you know it’s a fraud when a company called Document Security Systems is doing some biotech stuff. This thing was pumped as a blockchain play a few years ago [2018], they were doing cyber security, blockchain related stuff.. this is why I keep notes, it’s so funny to go back, some stocks get pumped every few years and there’s always a new theme.
  • OSTK still in 2/3 size, about to get stopped out, moving stop to b/e, refuse to give back any gains. Everything is so strong rn, shorting in a raging bullmarket not the easiest sometimes. The problem is you get the setups, they work initially, they work for one day, then they bounce right back, there’s no follow through, that’s what makes it so hard rn, to short these parabolic type of stocks.
  • AMD just breaking out of a range, it’s been super choppy and it’s a super laggard. Semiconductors broke out 5/6 days ago, NVDA, XLNX, TSM, but AMD is lagging again. Like here when it tried to breakout here, this was also after the semis had already had a nice run, then this started breaking out late. This seems like same scenario, AMD is a huge turd, not a leader anymore. If this had broken out the other day when all the other semis broke out, I would be all over this thing, but I don’t like laggards. Yeah ADR is in the lower end, I usually try to stay above 4, but the thing about AMD it’s a high priced, very liquid stock, you can do a lot of size. So that’s a good part, but it’s not a hard rule, you have to look at other things too.
  • I’d rather put my nuts in a blender than short AMZN? You’re thinking about it in the wrong way, you have to start thinking about setups, always think setups, if there’s a good setup, doesn’t matter what stock it is. Rn there is no setup to short, this thing needs to go parabolic to like high 3000s or something in a straight row, or it needs to start topping out and support areas start acting as resistance areas. But yeah rn it looks like a rocket ship, and at this moment I agree, I would rather put my nuts in a blender too than short it. But once the setup arrives, if there’s a good setup, I wouldn’t hesitate to short this thing.
  • In trading and the stock market you want every edge you can possibly get, and keeping track of a stock’s story is one way to get an additional edge.
  • LVGO gonna use the 10day as trailing just bc it’s getting extended. This is what I do when things start going parabolic I just tighten up the stops, and if it keeps going even more I may use the 20ema on the 60min. Actually I’m gonna use the 65ema on the 60min for now, if it keeps going tomos there could be a shorting opp in it, and in that case I’m gonna sell all my shares.
  • This is why you focus on the momo leaders, you’re not gonna get any big moves in this random stocks, just some random stocks having breakouts. You need to focus on the momo leaders, you really need to. You need to be in the best stocks, if you wanna make a lot of money, you need to be in the best stocks.
  • TQQQ, if it can keep going straight up or if it starts weakening, like I would like to see a close below the rising 10day, if it starts losing the rising 10/20day. Bc every time the market pulls back, TQQQ is usually a very good short, but it needs to start losing the rising 10/20day, and the best time to short this thing is after it has ran for 3/4/5 months. You had some good entries here [apr/may2019] here [jul/aug2019] both after multi month runs. You had a good one here [feb2020], and now I’m watching it too, maybe in a weeks or months who knows.
  • RIP TVIX. First million dollar loss and first two million dollar winning days. Best trading etf ever.
  • When the bullrun is over, you gotta adapt, there’s a lot more mean reversion setups. And usually if you’re a swing or position trader, once the markets are downtrending, there’s really not a lot of long setups.
  • Shorted a tiny bit of NVAX, looks like it’s about to breakdown on the 60min candle, this is an extended stock, this is an alternative setup I sometimes trade, it could very easily mean revert back to 80 or so. Couldn’t take out yesterday’s lows so looks like it may have found some support for now.


  • I’m gonna do a VHS. I’m gonna do a VHS, you’re gonna get a special package, you’re gonna get a 5 tape package, that explains my methodology, and you’re gonna get a cd of my favourite songs for free. All for 4.99, does it sound like a good deal or not?
  • Have I mentioned I don’t like talking? I suffer, so you guys can succeed. What won’t I do for strangers on the internet? I’m a very good man, I’m a saint, I’m an angel reincarnated. I’m trying to build a cult. You know how fascinating it is to watch these documentaries about people who build their own cults, some of them commit suicide but some of them are just like weird sex cults and do some weird sh*t, it’s super fascinating. Like if you have the persistence, you can build a cult, it’s really amazing. So that’s what I’m trying to do, that’s why I suffer, it’s not for you it’s for me. I haven’t decided yet if it’s gonna be a sex cult or a suicide cult. But since you are mostly guys and I’m hetro, I’m learning more on a suicide cult. Yeah we could do a money making cult, like scientology.
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