111 [Short setups, classical music and $UAVS scam. Apr 30, 2020]

  • INO watching for a short, didn’t hold overnight, got stopped out late day when it took out the lower high. 60min chart it’s not below the 13.45 area which was resistance area, also MAs there, is now below that area, so let’s see if it can act as resistance for some downside. If it reclaims, could be a bullish setup into next week. Holding trendline, then it broke and shorted orls. On 60min chart it rallied right into 13.40s resistance area and failed. Add spot 12.90s area later in day.
  • AR small Nat Gas stock, it reclaimed its 200day here. There was a great buying opp on this day here [20/4/2020], unfortunately I missed it. And on the weekly looks great, already reclaimed this declining 20weekly.
  • UAVS what a homerun so far. Up 160% today, have sold about 7%, trailing stop. Conference call at 11am. Glad I added in the 1.20s when it took our hods, but still pissed I didn’t buy it here on the 1.05 break. Selling tiny tiny just a few percent at a time. Could be just selling on amazon or something, but if it turns out a partnership, gonna add to my position. Wow didn’t realise UAVS is up 1000%, didn’t realise it was up this much. I’ve set stops, if it takes out 3.70s I’ll sell half, and 3.34. Could be a sell the news scenario even if it is good news, just cos it’s up 1000% in like 2 weeks. Stopped out, big pump job.
  • COF shorted late day yest low 70s, 60min range, up a little bit [3/5%] gonna cover about 10% or so premarket. Covered more open flush.
  • SHOP right on the rising 10day ma, entry point would be if it can take out yesterday’s lows. Setting up a potential long tbh, building hls, getting tight tight range. I think this thing goes to 1000 this year.
  • Gonna let things play out at the open, then move stops to lod of all the cruiselines and airlines. Already sold some just to sizedown, had big positions in them, don’t wanna give back any profits.
  • BCRX, took a loss on yesterday, but I may re long today. Something about it, look at these relentless hls the past 2-3 weeks, and has a range here high 3s. There is something there, idk what, but I’m just looking at accumulation, the volume profile. Will buy if it takes out yesterday’s highs.
  • CAPR from yesterday, I can’t let it go. Easier to see on 1min chart, when it perked out of this little consolidation, 5.50s, it already traded 30-40M shares at this time. This thing doubled intraday, I didn’t want to chase it but sometimes you have to chase. You never know when the right time to chase is. When speculation money comes in the markets, it’s just..
  • WLL bought some in anticipation, we’ve seen this movie before, we could have a few more days of enormous momo in these things. Will add more if it takes out hods.
  • TSLA gap up now at lods, now showing some big rw. May do a swing short on it. Added took out lods. Those of you daytrading should probably cover most right here, 1/2 or 2/3 at least and lower your stops to b/e, or even below. I’m holding for a few weeks, I think could have another hundred dollars of downside.
  • AMD, good thing it pulled back yesterday. Earnings report was excellent. Very good thing it had a pullback day. Bc now it’s building a great base here. Now it’s testing rising 20day, if it can start surfing it, building hls from here. I think couple of more days, could have a buy setup there.
  • Options are just too complex, and I don’t believe in complexity.


  • Every time I do a screenshot, my accounts pullback. When I’m tempted to take screenshots, or everything turns to gold, that’s when I usually peak. I literally peaked when I took the screenshot, every single time. Every time I’m tempted to take a screenshot, I should just clear my portfolio.
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