110 [Earnings in growth stocks starting to come in! Apr 29, 2020]

  • Shippers & cruiselines just incredible trades so far, I’m selling some in premarket, have to use these pops to sell; you never know when the music stops. You never know. Wow things are straight up, need to sell some more. Moving my stops up, orls on all these I’m gonna size down, I already sized down maybe 10/15% on them, will size down another third. I really don’t want to get caught in a rugpull. Goal is to get to less than 1/2 size orls.
  • W bouncing here, on the 60min chart it held support perfectly. Absolutely perfectly. Took out lods, gonna add to short. Will probably short more on a good setup intraday.
  • SPOT gap up taking out a long range on the weekly chart, but it needs more volume. So far the volume is underwhelming, it should be a couple million by now. I would have bought it if it had 2/3x the volume.
  • SYF shorted some mean reversion, on a break of the 5min candle, that’s my entry.
  • MGM is right at the 50day, if it takes out orls could be a swing short with stops on highs. Could be. Not my fav setup though, I prefer COF and SYF.
  • I love how the market just keeps grinding higher, it’s such a good thing I stopped being on the wrong side of the market. Like I was on the wrong side, too cautious, for a couple of weeks there, and then I switched, it’s like an atm, it’s like printing money. The past two weeks have been just insane. Sometimes you just gotta start chasing along with everyone else.
  • If there’s one super power I have, it’s definitely change my mind. It’s the only reason I’m still trading. I can be wrong, for a while, but something has to give, either I’ll be right, or I change my position.
  • Day trader you can make money in any market, me I need a directional market, whether it’s up or down.
  • UAVS is a pump, they had some kinda filing where they mentioned a major ecommerce retailer, this is like a delivery drone company, so people are speculating maybe it’s amazon or walmart or something. It could be huge, like PLUG 2013/2014, when it went 70c to $12 in a similar scenario. I just wanna be here in it just incase. Very slim chance but it could. That’s my thesis. If it happens, I wanna be there.
  • There’s a lot of short setups setting up for tomorrow if things keep going, these bottom things are not gonna rally forever, a lot of them are hitting major resistance areas like the declining 50days etc etc. I think next few days we get some major resistance on these bottom bouncers that are up 30/50% in the past few days.
  • CAPR this I should have bought this when it took out hods, this 5.50/5.60 area. Built hls into it, you had the rangebreak, on huge volume.
  • Man like a couple of weeks ago I was so cold, everything I touched turned to sh*t, and now, pretty much everything I touch turns to gold. Kinda funny how it works, you can never give up. All this I need to take some time off bullsh*t, no. What you need to do is get your sh*t together, that’s what you need to do.
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