5 [Dead cat bounce or bottoming process? Oct 8, 2019]

  • IPHI I bought late day Friday not long before market close, looks great this thing hasn’t even pulled back the past couple of months, just been basing building hls, great growth numbers and estimates, has everything I’m looking for fundamentals and technicals in place, so even though the market is choppy I just couldn’t pass on it.
  • SLV and GLD are both building nice bullflags here, I think later this week or maybe next week may we some great follow through breakouts on these things. GLD just took out like a 6/7year range, why can’t this thing just keep going to 160 or something, hls for 4/5years now then broke out. Def tracking leveraged USLV and NUGT.
  • RNG having nice follow through from Friday, thing is up almost 50% in the past 3 sessions, not bad for a lcap.
  • Price is the only thing that matters, I’ve never bothered with looking much at lvl2 and stuff like that. Mostly just algos playing with each other… and just too much information, you can only watch one at a time and have to look at it for a long time, whereas I can just scroll through many charts v fast.
  • ROKU now it’s going without me, I had a 107.40 avg, now it’s going after I got shaken out Friday. The entry was two days ago, I’m not buying it today the great setup was Thur, had a little bit of a rounded bottom, big momo stock with great earnings great outlook etc, all these MAs rising and found support made a rounded bottom and broke out of a range. I got stopped out unfortunately bc I raised my stop a little bit.
  • RLGY looks pretty interesting, straight down for a couple of years now looks like it’s trying to bottom, little bit of a flag off the lows rallied about 50%, now it’s trying to potentially break out again, this thing has room to run why can’t it go to $9/10, been building hls for a month now.
  • BMA and GGAL I’ve tried to trade several times off the lows but they always shake me out.
  • RH this thing breaking out of a htf, but it’s kinda extended already had a nice breakout here, now it’s just I think kind of a failure prone setup, since it’s a second flag breakout in a short amount of time. The first flag is usually the best.
  • I’m not all self taught, I’ve read a lot of books, I’ve studied a lot of traders over the years, studied their methods, in my Evernote there’s hundreds and hundreds of pages of diff trading methods and stuff I’ve picked up over the years, then I just put everything together, tried to simplify it as much as possible and find timeframes and stuff that works for me and my personality. I dropped daytrading and mostly short term swingtrading bc I find it’s just much easier to wait for the few times per year where you can get these big moves. It’s not easy it’s hard, waiting is the hardest thing ever, trading is easy it’s the waiting that’s hard, waiting for your setups, waiting for the ideal opps. Every year I do a little bit more of what works and a little bit less of what doesn’t work, every year I overall do less.
  • SIG kinda breaking out a little, if you look at the weekly chart it’s kinda building a little bit of a bull flag off the lows, down 90% over the past 2years, it’s up 60% from the lows, why can’t it go up another 50%, back to the declining 200day.
  • EWZ I think it’s kinda setting up nicely, been building hls since late last year now had a bit of a range here, but I’m gonna play the 3x etf BRZU. Earlier this year I bought this range break [Jan2019] went up 50% in a couple of weeks.
  • AMD has been riding the 200day for a year now, look where it found support, almost exactly on the rising 200day, same as back in Feb2019, and here in Dec2018 it kinda undercut the 200day but was bc the market was selling off like crazy.
  • GBTC this is one of the reasons I ran up my accounts 500% in like 6months, had these perfect breakouts, perfect short opp, perfect bounce opp, prob in the top 3 of my biggest money makers ever. And OSTK and HMNY, these low float things that get hyped they can really go.
  • NVDA strong, former leader, has sick earnings gap ups, if you look at this thing from 2017, great earnings, crushed estimates, raised guidance and ran up 140% in less than a year, just rode the MAs, put in hls all the way. All you need is a few per year.
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