420 [Small correction or big correction? Dec 6, 2021]

  • TSLA may be bouncing off the 50day pm. TSLA oh man, I should have put 1/2 my account in it.
  • CFVI decent volume, not sick volume DWAC was sick volume, but it could get sick. Rumble stock, I was on the webpage, it looks like a 90s porn page.
  • SARK was started at exactly the right time, I mean the timing on this thing was just ridiculous. Pretty much on the same day ARKK started breaking down.
  • Homebuilding stocks are really strong, XHB up.
  • I’m not convinced of these bounces, a lot of these former leaders are holding their 100day and looking like they’re putting in some wick candles but I don’t trust it at all. NET, U, ETSY, For me to trade any of these bounces I’d like to see one more solid day of selling.
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