414 [Pullback time? Nov 23, 2021]

  • TAL and EDU finally going.
  • NIO looks explosive, On the weekly, LI too these things look good on the weekly and monthly, XPEV too, the leader rn in the China ev space.
  • XPEV acting well, when you get breakouts on earnings those are really strong, like flag range breakouts on earnings, those are some of the best breakouts, my favourite type of breakouts. This thing was a great setup coming into today, look at this flag, the whole ev sector is strong leading sector, today they reported earnings, the stock went higher on volume and I bought it, it was maybe 4.5* but the earnings made it 5*. Why I bought before yday highs? Well sometimes you just have to take a shot, especially if something has earnings and a very good setup, sometimes you kinda have to just take a shot. Sometimes you gotta break your own rules, generally my rules are never to buy before break of prev day highs, but sometimes if the range is really good or a high probability setup, you gotta break your own rules.
  • The end of bull markets are generally always on low breadth, but it doesn’t matter you need to be in the winning stocks. Eg, 99-00 was very low breadth, very few sectors, all the money went into just a few sectors like internet and it and genomics, fibre optics etc, but if you were in those stocks you made life changing money, that’s our job, to be in the stocks going up.
  • LGVN yday that was a big miss, I missed a big trade on this thing, look at the intraday breakout it had midday, only went up 280% in a few hours, damn. They got FDA designation.
  • MARA finding support on the 50day and building hls.
  • PROG had another offering, it’s like this stock NNDM last year they just diluted every month, yet the stock still made a big move. PROG looks similar, very liquid for being such a small name, and just keeps going higher. NNDM was also one of these diluted the crap every single month yet made an enormous move almost 800% in four months, several beautiful flag setups on it. I remember I almost bought this breakout on it, then I was like nah it’s not gonna work, then it went up 80% in 7sessions.
  • QQQs, considering how close we are to the highs people are so scared and bearish, maybe they’re right maybe they’re not, I’d rather follow my 10/20day.
  • KTTA looks interesting, up 200% on the day already.
  • Big breakdown in many leading stocks, yeah a lot of these names have been going up the past few months have big reversal candles, gave back several weeks, ZS, ASAN back where it was 2months ago, could get worse sure but on the other hand ASAN is not far from the 20weekly, where growth stocks usually find support.
  • SNOW this is called stairs up and elevator down, this is how stocks move, this is why shorting can be very lucrative if you can time it right.
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