412 [Leaders bouncing back with force after yesterdays gut check. Nov 19, 2021]

  • GTEC, idk the news on this, electric forklift okay, let’s get it to 50. GTEC is a low quality ep, it’s a sector ep, been kind of a laggard. Going now, bought some. Still kinda building hls intraday, there’s something about it, 60Mshares.
  • LCID damn look at the closing candle yday undercut of the 10day that’s a sign of strength. I started doubting back here in the low 43s, like is this gonna stop me out, then it reclaimed and closed above the 10day, it’s like magic, this is as close to magic you’re ever gonna get. 10/20day, and sometimes it can be the 50day on larger cap names but I would generally say in the small/mid cap, the higher momo names it’s the 10/20day, slower momo names sometimes also the 50day or even the 100day. LCID it’s almost like this volume was trying to tell you something guys, all you had to do was pay attention, all you had to do was listen, that’s it, didn’t need to look at the balance sheet, or watch cnbc, all you had to do was look at the volume and follow the price action.
  • PLUG look so strong, look how nicely it’s surfing the 20day, just touched the 20day.
  • XPEV looks really good, if it can stay like this the rest of the day gonna be a 5* setup.
  • SI so strong, crypto is weak and this SI is super strong, must be something here.
  • MARA bounced off the 50day, I would rather wait a few weeks see if we get a new base, new setup.
  • TAN gonna take out yday highs, that’s a sign of strength, this is tennis ball action, building hls on the daily too, this is the kinda action you wanna see when you get these shakeouts.
  • USD/TRY, this what banana republic currency looks like, it’s actually going parabolic.
  • GME is super tight, interesting.
  • GLD just broke out on the monthly, made a big move from late2018-early2020, pulled back found support on the rising 20monthly, undercut several times built hls, look how it acted from 2005-2011, surfing the 10/20monthly, they work on any timeframe.
  • ZIM insane earnings, some kind of boomer sector using blockchain technology, insane triple digit rev and eps growth, earnings two days ago big volume big move, I bought when it took out earnings day high yday. Little bit of a slower name but can make a big move, Jul-Sep2020 went up 70%, Mar-May2020 121%. ZIM idk what they do, but they have one employee of each colour that’s very good, it’s 2021.
  • BKKT, I remember the good one days, buy the flag, buy the flag, buy the flag, and look what it did surfed the 10/20ema on the 60min, 10/20, 10/20, 10/20.
  • Low float I would say anything less than 10M, but nowadays doesn’t really matter, we’ve seen so many examples of high float stocks make huge moves, I think relative volume is more important than the float itself.
  • LGVN I wish I had paid attention, even buying an intraday breakout in the 4.90s gave you a triple, insane.
  • COIN this is gonna be a sick one for next week. I think COIN will go to 1000 over the next few years, unless we go into a bear market then things will change, but this thing is not even expensive like some of these other ipos, not even a crazy valuation, triple digit eps rev growth PE29.


  • Pradeep’s rap. Yeah Pradeep dropped the n bomb twice, maybe three times.
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