410 [$LCID Lucid hit $50 finally! Nov 16, 2021]

  • RIVN what a move from the entry here [112s], this is why you always keep track of in-play stocks. Had I known it was gonna go up 42% from entry I wouldn’t have sold any of the way up.
  • Damn I shorted RIVN too early, took a nice loss on it twice, should have just kept my long. Now it’s going down, got shaken out twice took a $1.3M loss on it, now I’m in half size prob gonna go down to 130s. RIVN coming back I’m gonna get stopped out a third time, eurgh. Yeah 77% for a $100B+ mcap stock, that’s called a parabolic, idk if you noticed but RIVN is not a small cap stock. Stopped again, idk why I did so much size on it, I was really aggressive with the size, I’m not gonna look at it for today, I hope it goes to 200 then I’ll re short it, this was unnecessary, sometimes I get excited about a setup and I go degenerate on it, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, always only on the shorts tho. The problem is I sized in too early, I should have waited for more of the chart to develop, I was just very aggressive.
  • RIVN I mean I have to re-enter if it sets up again, I’m not gonna do full size. Yeah my stop was probably too narrow, I should have used hods, I should have been more patient with smaller size, instead I was hyper aggressive with large size, it works sometimes, sometimes it doesn’t. Shorting is just so much harder than going long, any r*tard can go long it’s super simple, but shorting it’s just so much harder, so many more shakeouts and headfakes and numbers work against you. RIVN yeah it is kinda day2, but it’s a megacap stock and it’s up almost 80% in 4sessions, that’s an enormous move for a megacap stock, and I think it priced in the 70s/80s.
  • PROG yeah nice little flag going on. I dropped the ball, saw it premarket but I was looking to short RIVN instead and I missed the free money, orhs $4.
  • GGPI add. GGPI had enormous volume yday, enormous volume, I even added to it, but then got stopped out before the close, but if you look closely on the 60min for now it’s building hls, that’s a good sign.
  • COIN really strong, holding up really well, most of the other crypto names are down.
  • QS now looks like it’s bouncing off the 10day, that’s the first test of the 10day since it broke out of that bottom base.
  • GBTC if it closes lower than this I’ll sell it, was a nice run.
  • RBLX f*ck, from now on the ticker RBLX is banned in the chat, I don’t wanna hear about it.
  • MARA sucked yday, it just cut through the 10day and the 20day and closed weak, I was really hoping it was gonna undercut the 20day and close above but nope, had to sell into the close that sucked, sold it 34% off the highs, that happens sometimes but you know what it could have just bounced off the 20day and then gone to 100, sometimes they just kinda f*ck you over, was still a good gain 55%.
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