373 [You need to want it. Most only think they want it. Jul 9, 2021]

  • AMC still short even though I sized down into weakness, had a nice little fade from where it started losing the flag almost 30%, I think it’s gonna have another leg down where it goes to 30 or something, but could easily go back 51/52 before that.
  • HOWL potentially mean reversion long, and it’s also on the 20day, yeah this is something you could trade absolutely.
  • TTD is looking good too, we’re starting to see some really pretty looking flags in some of the lcap stocks, that’s good. TTD had a very clean move here from the lows and now it’s flagging, even had a great looking flag breakout here [16/5/2021] 20day caught up to the price and the price exploded.
  • NEGG I’m all out, holding too well.
  • LWLG a fmd sideways this thing will look amazing. Look at the 60min on this thing, how picture perfect, look how many flags it had, these are the types of setups we are looking for on the daily, but on the really fast moving stocks you gotta look for them on the 60min.
  • ALF needs more sideways, if the 20day can catch up and ALF can tighten up a bit more then I may be interested.
  • DOCN yeah very interesting, decent setup I’d have preferred a fmd but yeah it’s a recent ipo and strong, breaking out.
  • ALB I bought it here [27/5/2021] breakout failed, held the 50day built another hl and now it’s so ready, look at this you can even draw a straight line, this is institutional accumulation, look at the hls all year.
  • NTLA I sold it but may re buy it, looks very explosive, I didn’t wanna hold it incase the market had a bigger pullback so I just sold it before it stopped me out, but look how nicely it found support on the 10day I should have just waited.
  • INMB good setup here [7/7/2021] look how nicely when the 20day caught up to the price that’s when it went, look at the tight day the day before, this is textbook.
  • MSTR is setting up nicely, idk why bc BTC is weak, and look it’s surfing the 20day look at the tightness here, this could be like a 4* setup Monday.
  • APPN yeah it’s setting up, made a bit move off the lows almost doubled, and now it’s pulled back surfing the 20day and getting tighter, this is a good setup.
  • If you want it enough, well, then you want it enough. People write to me all the time, people who don’t want it enough, and I usually just ignore them bc I find these people annoying even though they can be really nice. Someone dm’d me on Twitter yday like I signed up to Pradeep’s site but there’s so much and was bitching whining moaning there was too much content, and I’m like are you f*cking kidding me? When I found Pradeep, like 2011/2012 or something, he has a free blog I went through every single post, then I signed up to his paid site I went through every single post he made since inception. when I found Minervini I read his books, signed up to his paid site, went through every single tweet he has tweeted and looked for setups, his entries, setups he posted. When I found Zanger I signed up to his paid site and went through every single newsletter, he has like 2x per week with setups, I went through every single newsletter since inception, like late 90s, trying to understand his method, how he trades what he trades, all these things. So when someone writes to me like I signed up to this site there’s so much content idk where to begin, stfu, I’m so close to f*cking blocking you, that’s what I think about all these bitchers whiners moaners asking for shortcuts. Now can I guide you in the right direction, sure, but there is no substitute for going in depth, studying different traders and different methods, you have to go in depth, you can’t just spend 5mins, that’s how you learn, that’s how you get an understanding for the market, these different structures that occur over and over again in the markets.
  • I used to be like that too in the beginning, I didn’t wanna do the hard work, I thought trading was gonna be easy, then I realised, it’s super competitive, it’s super difficult, and if I’m gonna make it in this game I better get my sh*t together. You can just spot these people far away, people who don’t want it enough, they think they want it, but they really don’t, they’re not willing to do what it takes. If you wanna be successful in this field you’ve gotta do what most people are not willing to do. There’s no such thing as talent, talent is developed.
  • It’s like people are asking for permission for hard work, when I was a struggling trader I never wrote to, well maybe once or twice I wrote to a successful trader and asked for something like advice, but other than that I never contacted them, I googled I searched for every single piece of info there was about them, I didn’t ask for permission to do things, I just did it. I read every trading book I found, I didn’t ask for permission.


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