363 [Struggling trader reviews are back!! Also fried a brain cell today. Jun 15, 2021]

  • UXIN wow small account edge, look at this breakout here [18/5/2021], big big move this thing more than tripled, orderly pullback, found support around the 20day started building hls, has some tightness and this range and then a range expansion, boom double since. You don’t get moves like that in lcap stocks, where they double/triple in a few days or weeks, small accounts have such a big edge.
  • COIN setup, well it’s a recent ipo, cryptos yesterday started to heat up again and it reclaimed the 20day, these types of setups especially on like ipos they can work really well sometimes, on beaten down ipos they can sometimes work really well. Setups overall on recent ipos, no matter if they’re a breakout, ipo breakout or like this type of trend break setup, ipos tend to work very well, like there is an edge just focussing on ipos, bc they’re new stocks, institutions haven’t had time to buy them yet, they’re exciting, and many times there is scarcity value. Remember what TLRY did 2018 was one of the few weed names back then went from like 22 to 300, same thing BYND 2019 scarcity value went from like 50 to 240, especially if you have an ipo in a hot sector or an exciting new thing they can make big moves. Yeah when something’s the only stock to play in a certain theme, there’s a big edge in that, and you’ll usually get a few of those ipos per year, one or two, LI and XPEV back in 2020 chinese EVs these things 2/3x in a few months after ipo.
  • CRSR had a bad round trip late day yesterday.
  • AMC on its way to 2M, that’s the leader guys, that’s the one you marry, all the other ones you can date and then you dump them, AMC is the one to hold on to. AMC acting like a superstar meme stonk. Let’s go AMC, leader of the pack, it’s not gonna stop until Melvin capital is down 90% on the year.
  • TEN had a great setup here [21/5/2021] and potentially here [1/6/2021].
  • TSLA the laggard, I think this is a big bear flag now, this thing has lagged for the past month versus all these other ev peers, if this thing breaks down below this flag it’s gonna go straight to 400.
  • BYND building a big big flag here, could be an interesting setup later this week, I was so close to buying yesterday but felt incomplete man, I think it needs to go sideways a bit more let the 20day catch up. BYND [8/7/2019] yep was 5* I bought it here, big linear move look how nicely it surfed the 10/20day, pulled back went sideways a bit tightened up around the 20day and had this range expansion from there, and look at what it did went up another 53%, then had another htf breakout here like a flag inside a flag where you could have added, just beautiful.
  • CLNE still building hls, that’s very important, could also be a good setup later this week. Okay great dipped built another hl and it’s coming back.
  • MVIS I was long this back here early in the 16s [28/5/2021] it’s a good setup, beautiful flag great find.
  • The micro cap stocks you get setups almost daily, in this environment if you have a sub 1M account you can pretty much double it every month, just so much opportunity like free money everywhere. Not only do you get bigger moves but you also get so many more opps, and you can just compound so much faster.
  • FUTU let’s go, this is what a good breakout is supposed to do.
  • SNAP look where it found support on the 10day/65ema, it’s better if the 20day catches up hopefully it goes sideways here a few days let the 20day catch up. The best breakouts I have bought in my career have been the ones surfing the 20day, sometimes you get good breakouts off the 10day or the 50day but I would say generally the 20day is the magic one.
  • MDB, DOCU EPs, the problem is the charts were in a choppy wide range but sometimes you need something like this to get a stock to break out of a long term range, you need the fuel, something like this it lacks fuel, you need the fuel and that’s what you get in a high volume breakout in this case it was an earnings breakout/ep.
  • LPI needs more sideways I think, and guys if you can trade the etfs just trade the etfs like they all look exactly the same most of them, just trade the etfs like GUSH, ERX, instead of buying like 5 oil names you can consider buying one of these etfs instead and even do more size bc you don’t take stock specific risk and they all look pretty much the same.
  • HTZGQ yeah it was a good setup, but it’s an OTC stock there’s no reason really to ever trade OTC stocks, they used to be hot like 5/10years ago, but yeah this was a clean setup, not necessarily tightness before but the overall setup quality was really good, you can clearly see it had a big linear move surfed the 10day then it started building hls and had this breakout, very clean move. Sometimes you can disregard the rule that is has to be tight before the breakout day if the overall setup quality is really really good, this was case in point, and look at it now up 30% already.
  • VTNR that’s beautiful o&g and looking at oil etfs prob need a fmd to set up and actually go, but yeah it’s building a base here nothing to anticipate, needs to break out over this mid/high 8s, I mean this thing made a huge move went from 2 to 11, this is exactly the type of stock that can make a big secondary move. If you wanna find something that’s gonna go up 50/100% in a few days, this is the type of stock you’re gonna find it on, if something goes up 550% in a few days it can easily go up, once you get a great setup on it, 1500% in a few days, that’s momo, it’s an odds game it’s a numbers game, you want to put the numbers in your favour, and the more numbers you put in your favour the bigger margin of error you’re gonna have, the better returns you’re gonna have, the smaller and fewer drawdowns you’re gonna have. And if it loses this range could very easily fade 20/30% so it kinda works both ways, these things make both good long and short setups.
  • Struggling trader feedback: wtf is this it’s just a list of tickers. Guys make it simple for me. Okay HL bought it [1/6/2021] was a decent setup very powerful but these commodity related names can be a bit tricky, these types of setups are easier on growth stocks or like stocks that aren’t commodity names but the setup itself is good, had a big move from a long base, could have worked if it was a small biotech or something. ARPO [2/6/2021] so microcap stock lot of momo, had a big move pulled back went sideways built a base and here on the 60min you can see it better, nice little breakout candle bought 1.83, yeah setup itself was decent, did go up a little bit and kinda lost momo but still a profitable trade. FARM [2/6/2021] yeah it had a big move, packaged foods, micro cap stock, some sectors are just tough. WISA [4/6/2021] setup itself was better the day before but if you look at the 60min kinda failed went back into range built another hl and next day tried to re break but yeah wasn’t an ideal scenario, none of these are 5* setups they’re kinda random stocks. It’s kinda hard to explain what’s random and what’s not, you’ll get it with experience, you’ll see certain sectors are just very tough. LIZI [4/6/2021] just random there’s no range here, CRC [7/6/2021] had a good setup the day before look at the narrow range candle and then it had this range expansion candle, this was a chase, o&g whole sector is strong it’s prob gonna break out but don’t chase these things.
  • Struggling trader feedback: CTXR [7/6/2021] there’s nothing special about this stock it’s kinda random, yeah it had some momo but it’s just too choppy wasn’t narrow or anything. STKS [6/7/2021] looks like a barcode but yeah it’s working out for now. PLBY [8/7/2021] range breakout was the 7th, you need tight and nice not wide and loose. GPRO [8/6/2021] another random stock, you really want the spectacular ones the ones that make really big moves the outlier ones, too many random ones that just pop on scan, was a decent entry and nice little mini setups but try to focus on 5*. TEN [10/6/2021] it’s too short, already super over extended and already had like 2 setups in a very short amount of time, it’s not like stocks keep going forever and ever, you wanna buy the first and second breakout and usually they need time to digest, at some point when things go up a lot they kind of stop going up, they just chop around and this is what happens, not a 5* setup at all you need an edge. ZIM [10/6/2021] looks too random, already made a big move and nothing special about it, already had like several base breakouts over several months, you can’t just keep buying breakout 7/8 in a few months and just expect them to go straight up just not how it works.
  • Struggling trader feedback: KIN [11/6/2021] there’s no range here, you want to see at least some hls, and also you want the 10day to catch up, it was far away from the 10day, the best ones are when the 10/20day catch up to the price. MNMD [11/6/2021] there’s nothing here, I’ll show you a good flag on MNMD [16/11/2021] this is a model stock, super explosive, building hls tightening up then a big volume breakout, you need to focus on the most explosive ones, the cleanest ones. EMAN [14/6/2021] that’s a good setup, went up 65% in two sessions, orderly pullback, had some tightness, broke out of that range, this is a good setup I like it. CPE [14/6/2021] no and also it’s an o&g stock, you’d be better off if you’d look at the etfs like what’s the sector doing XOP ERX they weren’t ready to go, commodity name you gotta be aware of what’s going on with the commodity overall. MDJH [14/6/2021] was a good setup explosive move pull back tight range and tried to break out but just failing, happens.
  • LEDS this is your role model breakout, study something like this, makes a huge move big volume, more than triples, pulls back finds support around the 10/20day, goes sideways tightens up, and then breaks out on volume from this tight range, first base breakout that’s it, you don’t need to trade 10 different tickers per day if you can just find the superstar ones that’s all you need, this is a superstar, model stock.
  • Look at the setups I’m watching, BB this is the first base after the big move, first breakout from the big spike. CLNE first base it builds after the pullback, CLOV also, BYND too not even pulling back just going sideways building hls it’s the first base, not base 7/8 on a random stock no it’s a very clean move, these are the stocks with an edge, these are not random names.


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