359 [Yuuuge opportunities. Jun 9, 2021]

  • Looks like we’re getting into the later phases of this meme stocks thingy, this is always what you see in the later phases when you see these random stocks just starting to 2/3x overnight.
  • CLOV was fast no juice in this thing, couldn’t even go up 300%. I don’t trust it, I’m short some in case it just fails but thing is everyone is expecting it to do the same thing as AMC and go up like 500% or something, this thing only went up 300%, I don’t trust it, I think it could easily double from here super easily. CLOV I gotta cover some, looks like I hooked one damn, just wish I caught some orls, I started shorting when it started hitting this vwap on the bounce, then I added on this intraday bear flag, and another one here, omg this is so textbook. I have half size, it’s a big move already down 30% from the highs, if it can put in a big bounce towards vwap I’ll add back some, but this thing could very easily go back to mid teens tomos.
  • CLOV bouncing off the 10ema, hopefully it goes back to 24/25 or so, I only have 1/4 size left. CLOV can’t find a bid, look how it’s reverse surfing the 10ema, can’t get above that, that’s some serious selling in this thing. I have such a small position left, it’s prob gonna bounce big here I mean it’s down way off the highs, yeah I’ll just cover the rest. If it can bounce back to like 23 or something would be interesting.
  • BB shorted breakdown. Let’s see if they can finally roll over, I don’t want them too I want them to stop me out, but they look roll over ish. BB looks vulnerable here. BB holding up, stopped out. I hope this thing goes to 30.
  • AMC still building hls on the 60min, but it’s below the emas, I have very small like 1/6th size which is good bc it looks like it’s gonna stop me out. I really hope this thing can go sideways then break out of this range go to 100.
  • AMC isn’t what it could have been, I made some really good money on the long side and then I kinda f*cked it up in this choppy range trying to go short then long then short and kinda gave back most of those profits I made here, not happy at all and now it’s not shortable in my main account.
  • I’m still in a drawdown since mid march bc I minimised some great opps, like AMC and BB last week when I bought, I didn’t size correctly. AMC like I talked about I didn’t want to chase 30c to add, so I missed a $30 move, that cost me like 3M. BB too I didn’t size correctly, I should have done much more size, it was such a textbook thing both on intraday and the 60min. Yeah it’s always easier in hindsight, that’s why you gotta analyse, especially the big opps when you miss them or size incorrectly, you gotta go back and look at it.
  • SLX etf needs more sideways, I think it needs the 50day to catch up before the steel names can finally go. CLF looks pretty damn good actually, look how relentlessly it’s been building hls. CLF straight up, holy sh*t that’s a breakout candle.
  • TUYA looks pretty good, ideally a fmd let the 20day catch up, pretty good recent ipo.
  • SKYT another one, omg this was beautiful [19/5/2021] this 21 area, this is called tiny account edge, you get all of these fast moving stocks.
  • IHT, initially broke out here [2/6/2021] I think you would have gotten stopped out but there was a re entry here on the 60min in the low 9s/mid 8s, this is a perfect looking flag.
  • XPEV, LI, these things could be short ideas, they’re been up for like a month straight, super extended, running into some weakness here, these types of trade can very easily pull back to the 10/20day.
  • CCO is not a momo stock, look at the recent moves it’s made, all over the place very choppy. Versus something like LEDS, look at the move it made look how clean, look how orderly the pullback was look how explosive moves it had then had this clean breakout of a tight range. IHT same thing, look how clean it was. You wanna be in explosive stocks.
  • BNTX look how nicely it bounced off the rising 10day, beautiful acting exactly as it should. That’s strength, look at how it washed out to the 10day reclaimed, and now it’s about to take out yesterday’s highs, that’s strength.
  • WPG looks really interesting, a htf. These types don’t need to surf the 10day, they’re so explosive, like the range is you can clearly see the range hls with a clean range, textbook htf.
  • AEMD up corona news, okay looks kinda interesting but it’s up almost 400% on the day, could be a long could be a short. If this thing goes to 20 now I’m gonna hurt myself on tiktok, jesus christ, come on pullback to vwap, if it has one more shakeout builds a hl and setups up again later, I could actually long that thing. I hope it can go sideways another hour or two. AEMD is tight here. Looks like sh*t now, well generally buying stocks up 400% in a day is a bad idea, but rn we’re at one of these rare points in time, usually these things only last a week or two at a time, where you know buying something up crazy amounts is actually a good idea.


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