282 [Coins are back after some digestion! Long and strong! Feb 8, 2021]

  • BTC, TSLA bought a bunch yep, BTC is going mainstream. Last time BTC had a big run back in 2017 then it mainly retail, but now big money is starting to buy, who knows where this thing is gonna go. I’m long SI since it broke out of the htf $71, now it’s up 110% since. I’m long MSTR wasn’t as clean of a flag but showed big rs, up 65% since. Also have ETHE hasn’t really gone much yet but could easily double if coins keep running, I also have GBTC up like 25% since entry. CLSK I wish I had bought when it broke out but was kinda too thin for me, another one of these coin names broke out of a really nice flag last week on higher volume [3/2/2021].
  • Wish I’d rebought RIOT and MARA at some point but I never did, gapping up, we’re both flagging really nicely and this gap up is kinda ruining it. MARA and RIOT took out orhs, man they’re breaking out of beautiful looking flags. Bought some RIOT orhs. Stopped out, that’s why I hate gap ups, if you wanna go long you generally don’t want gap ups, unless it’s an ep then gap up is the criteria. On the other hand sometimes things can gap up and just go straight up, but sometimes they do this, gap up fade back to support and then they go later. RIOT shook me out, MARA is almost at highs, that one is showing more rs. Bought MARA, rebought RIOT. These things look explosive, they’re both breaking out of htfs ish.
  • SI is extended, could actually be a potential mean reversion trade but I’m not gonna do it since I’m long and it could go higher, but rn it is extended, could very easily pullback to the 10day absolutely. Yeah SI was a really really good setup, but again I think in a few months it’s gonna be higher, if the coins keep going.
  • Look at BTC, actually broke out last week but just out of this range continuation move, it’s very bullish, not crazy extended or anything, obv gonna have pullbacks but like with all these companies and funds buying it, why can’t it go to 100k? Like I would be worried if it starts going para like late 2017 when it doubled again and again and again, but then it went sideways for many years and then it’s only doubled 3x or so from like 4-8, 8-16, 16-32, if it doubles from here and then doubles again, then I would be worried for like a bigger pullback, but rn it’s just surfing the 50day and the 20day, I’m gonna try to be patient.
  • TSLA starting to break out of this flag again. Bought orhs. There’s just so many good setups rn, the question is are we gonna have follow through.
  • OCGN could be a potential short watch, had a leg higher made a big big move almost 1000%, pulled back and now it had another leg higher, up another 350%, today is like day2, I’m not super excited about it would like for this thing to go up today and maybe a short tomos, but maybe would watch it later. OCGN is going, nice. OCGN it’s a parabolic but yeah it’s kinda flagging on the intraday, looks like it’s gonna go higher it’s building hls, if you’re a daytrader this is something you could trade, this flag look how nicely it’s surfing vwap, undercut, hl undercut, hls and it has a rangebreak here 12.20-12.40s, could be.
  • GME I have no idea where the next 50% move will be, I don’t see an edge rn, I think it may need to go sideways of you know just go somewhere for a few days, rn I just don’t see anything it’s just in the middle of nowhere.
  • KOSS it’s right on the 20day, I think it was at 200 premarket at it’s highs so it’s already down like 90%, and the thing is if it loses the 20day and goes to the 50day there’s like 50% downside, these stocks are so insane.
  • PLUG not looking too good, it’s testing the 20day now. BLDP and FCEL look great, ofc the one I’m in is the one that’s weak. PLUG taking out hods, okay gonna use lods as stop now, it shouldn’t take out lods, it retested the MA now it’s moving higher. PLUG looks like it’s bouncing off the 20day now that’s good. Thing about PLUG if this closes here like this today, If I saw this thing on my scan, this would be a 5* setup, this is a 5* htf, look at how relentlessly it’s building hls and now it’s just right on the 20 day, look how tight it’s getting. I have full size, by far my biggest position I already have 200kshares of this thing, the liquidity I could add another 100kshares. I usually don’t want to be more than 1% the daily vol, so if I have to buy and sell the same day I would be 2% the daily vol, I don’t want to be more than that bc of slippage etc.
  • NVDA starting to break out of this long long flag, so tight on the weekly.
  • PRLB, yeah it’s a good setup, a clean trend, orderly pullback, starts surfing the 10day, got tighter and tighter and now it’s breaking out of the range.
  • VIAC yeah it was an okay setup on Friday [5/2/2021], clean trend surfing the 10day, then got a bit tighter, I would have preferred a bit more sideways so the 20day would have caught up since it’s already been trending for a while, longer trends you want them to surf one of the slower MAs like the 20/50day. But this thing had a 5 star breakout here [6/2/2021].
  • REGI was actually a pretty decent setup orhs, I like how it’s surfing the 20day and was kinda tight coming into today and now it’s breaking out again.
  • EDIT, my god this was a good setup, look at how nicely it was surfing the 50day, look how tight it was, now it’s breaking out. This is the type of setup, like I rarely buy on dips but if it dips back to like 67, if it wasn’t too illiquid for me I would actually do it, it’s that good of a setup. That’s like if I miss a really really good breakout I don’t wanna chase it, or if I don’t get filled on full size, like if you buy it here you would have to use like a 64 stop, like a $5 stop, and it’s kind of a wide stop for a stock with a ATR of $5 it’s almost a full ATR. If you want to buy breakouts you want your stop to be 1/3 or 1/4 or 1/2 of the ATR not the full range that’s usually a little bit too wide, kinda screws up your r/r.
  • TRUP this is a good looking setup, got a bit choppy here but then it tightened up, bounced off the 50day and tightened up, yeah this is a good setup. I’ve been invested in this thing for like 2-3years, I bought in Swedish bank account for long term investment in 2017 somewhere 15/20 and then a year later the stock had gone nowhere and I tried to sell it and it didn’t work, now it’s at 125 bucks, that’s 500% return, my longest hold ever.
  • It’s always nice to fall for these stories and stuff like that but at the end of the day it’s all about volume and price action. I used to read up on companies too but then I’m like whatever.
  • I don’t know anything, I only know my setups. I only know how to make tens of millions, other than that I really don’t know anything.
  • NVAX yeah this was a perfect ep, the 200 break, I’m kicking myself. They met the primary endpoint with their Vax, 90% efficacy phase 3 trial.
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