248 [Neverending BULL MARKET. Dec 15, 2020]

  • BIDU is not even close to being a parabolic yet, it’s only up 27% in the past two weeks, not even close.
  • MRNA is in a tight range, could make a big move either way, rn it looks like it may break down, but well it’s actually inside a range, impossible to know. BNTX another vax stock had a big big down day yesterday, broke down, maybe MRNA does the same. They also had some so so news today, their vax isn’t as good for older people as PFE. BNTC broke down yesterday and it’s down today also, there’s no reason for this MRNA to hold up. This MRNA is a really interesting stock bc these insiders sold a sh*t load back in spring and summer, every single insider was selling their shares, and then the stock doubled. I don’t think there are any positive surprises, we already know the vax data, from now on I think there can only be neg surprises on this thing, they’re gonna be approved all over the world, same with BNTX even if the whole world starts buying from them, the world could be over, that’s how these things work. Something like APT right, it made a big big move early in the year when it was clear there was gonna be a huge demand for masks, and now the demand is here look what this thing’s doing, it’s called buy the rumour sell the news. It’s gonna be the same thing with these vax stocks, once the vax’s start these things are prob gonna do nothing or sell down. Exactly market’s are forward looking.
  • Let’s see if MRNA can find support at this 65ema, if it’s gonna lose that this thing has a lot of room to fall. Orls was the short, and it kinda went red at the same time, orls was the same thing as g/r, and the mistake I did was not adding when it took out this breakdown level, yesterday’s lows, but we’ll see, I think we’re gonna get a bounce to vwap and then I’ll add more. It’s on vwap rn and let’s see if this 65ema has gone from being support to being resistance, actually if you include the pm data it’s not at vwap yet. Okay so MRNA is kinda reclaiming vwap for now, but now the key is to see if the 10/20ema on the 60min start acting as resistance instead of support, what I wanna see on this this is getting this to fail on the 10/20ema and then close weak, that would be considered backside, rn it’s still kinda frontside. So far it did the double bottom here compared to the weakness last week. Ok look what happened MRNA, bounced right into the 10ema and got rejected, now it’s backside, that confirmed the backside for now.
  • FCEL is bouncing off the 20day, not going away. Bought some orhs. The whole sector is strong, PLUG is strong too. FCEL I should have bought more, only did 300kshares, should have done 500kshares. Look at the ADR on this thing, 20.6%, and it’s up 10% half of its ADR, this thing could go to 15 by next week, heck by the end of this week.
  • BE looking good, there’s so many good looking things out there rn, unbelievable. BE this is the one I had a couple weeks ago, but the base is looking much better now, much more solid base bc the 20day caught up, that’s the difference. Bought some BE.
  • HIMX, I would say a 4* setup, too high now, but you have a big move, you have an orderly sideways move and kinda hls and then you have a tight candle then a breakout, seems to be a decent setup.
  • CCS no it’s not a good setup, it’s not really a big momo stock, I mean yeah could it work if it breaks out sure, but you guys should really focus on the faster moving stocks, the ones that are surfing the 10/20day primarily, the ones that make big big clean moves, this is more of a slower mover, it’s really about getting in the best stocks, if you wanna make a lot of money trading, you’ve gotta be in the fastest moving stocks.
  • I’ve never been so bullish on BTC, but this is really the first time in a few years I’m this bullish on BTC, especially with the pension funds starting to buy BTC, I think that’s a big thing, institutional money starting to get in, this is gonna be a $T mcap, rn it’s just flagging waiting for the 50day to catch up but once we start breaking these high 19ks, we’re gonna go straight to 40k. It’s flagging near aths, this is such a powerful chart rn. Like we got this move here [2017] this is when retail people with their 100 and 1000 and 10k accounts went into BTC, this is the move we got. Now, if we get some srs fomo amongst the institutional investors, do I have to say anything more? I think it’s gonna fail once, let the 50day catch up and then it’s gonna breakout, or maybe not who knows.
  • ETHE I wanted to buy this thing yesterday but was so thin and traded below avg vol too, but I am going to triple my position in GBTC if it starts breaking yesterday’s highs, this high 22 area.
  • There’s so many stocks I sold without any rhyme or reason bc it felt like the right thing to do, I’m telling you guys, if you wanna maximise profits, minimise drawdowns, you gotta follow the sell rules. That goes for me too, I’m not exempt from the rules, except sometimes I think I am bc I think I’m smart, but I’m not really that smart, but sometimes I get this feeling I am. This is one of my biggest weaknesses, just selling into strength before I get stopped out of my trailing stops, bc I think things are getting extended. Instead of following these simple sell rules, it’s the hardest thing to do.
  • SHOP, I think on the weekly it looks great, this thing wants to go to 1500 man, on the daily it would be nice if it can go sideways a few more days maybe, but I think it’s ready, ideally it goes sideways today maybe breakout tomos, but this thing looks so explosive on both the daily and the weekly. It’s been in a kinda choppy and wide base for the past 6months or so, last time I bought it was back here [Jun2020] then it went up 35% in two weeks. Now, this base, look at how tight it’s getting here, you have this long base, these hls, you have hls here, and then the weekly, this thing looks explosive. this is a launching pad, this is the launching pad Elon Musk should launch his rockets off. This is a seriously good looking base, maybe I should buy a starter, it’s a wide candle that’s why I don’t like it, but this is one of the leading stocks of this bull market, or it has been one of the major leading stocks over the past few years. It’s a very loose candle, you want tightness before the breakout, it’s a very loose candle on the 60min, if it tightens up on the 60min then starts breaking out later in the day maybe I’ll buy some, maybe half size. I mean look at the weekly, it looks like AMD looked a couple of weeks ago when we bought it.
  • TSLA had a launch pad here [17/11/2020], it had a launch pad here [12/8/2020], it had a launch pad here [Jun2020], rn can it go higher, absolutely, but it’s already in the stratosphere. You wanna buy solid launch pads, that’s when you wanna buy them, not when they’re already in the stratosphere.
  • DQ wow, we talked about it back here, when it put in this candle on the 50day, when it undercut the 50day and closed really strong, this is where I got really excited about this stock, last week. Bc anytime you see on a strongly trending stock when it kinda undercuts a leading MA, usually it’s the 20/50day and usually if it’s the first undercut and reclaim, that’s usually really really bullish. And now it’s going.I guess I’ll have to scale out.
  • AVLR yeah looks pretty good, it looks like a lot of these stocks, look how linear it is, it’s really linear very orderly, found support on the 50day.
  • VLDR, oh yeah it’s breaking out, it’s a hot sector, I would have preferred the 10day to catch up a little bit, but it does look good, it’s a hot sector it has to do with these self driving cars.
  • There’s just so many stocks looking great, like some of these large cap names about to breakout, I’m looking at mega cap names like MSFT, this thing looks amazing on the weekly, this thing want to go to high 200s. AMZN this thing wants to go to 4000+, these are powerful setups. AAPL just broke out a couple weeks ago from this flag, look at these hls, look how its surfing the 20weekly. The 10/20weekly work really well also, look at these things when they get trending they’re surfing the 10/20weekly.
  • ABNB parabolic long setup, maybe, if it keeps selling down, closes really weak today, yeah could be a daytrading or short term swing trading opp coming up.
  • Never ending bullmarket is pretty great, but the COMPQ still looks really slow compared to the ’90s, if you look at ’95 to 2000, COMPQ went up 45% annualised in 5 years, if you look at 2015 to today also 5 years it’s only 25% annualised, what if COMPQ starts speeding up wouldn’t that be crazy. Maybe we are in the early innings of a bubble.
  • If a stock doesn’t move for 3-5days you should prob get rid of it, you don’t wanna be in a stock that doesn’t go up. But once you’re in it and it starts working, that’s when you should have a lot of patience, and wait for the first close below the 10day, you want to give the stock every opportunity to succeed, that’s how you make the big money, by catching these big movers and not shooting yourself in the foot.
  • PINS is flagging really nicely here, surfing the 20day, this thing can’t get below the 20day, has some amazing strength, it’s getting tight, today it’s printing a right day, tomos it could get ready potentially.
  • W kinda broke out of this tight range yesterday, not really my type of setup but these setups can work too.


  • SHOP double bat setup.
  • I don’t even know where the stratosphere is but it’s something people say.
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